The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 13

In Which The Plan Goes All To Hell, But The Gang Forges On Anyway.

Dr. Samosas had Carn develop a hail call to include a trojan horse to remote control other ships. All future hails from Mandalore’s Pride will include this.

After some hilarious and complicated maneuvers in Episode 20, the Imperial freighter has Progg’s containers safely on board. Freighter came under fire from low-lifes. Progg has charged Mandalore’s Pride with making sure the freighter cargo makes it to Bimmisaari safely.

Unfortunately, the Mandalore’s Pride is slower than the freighter. In straight hops we’ll fall behind, be we can beat the freighter to Bimmisaari if we take a pirate route. We’ll try to get the freighter to hire us as guards, but failing that, try the pirate route.

Once we get to Bimmisaari, we need to move cargo from drop spot to work the exchange. We have no contact person on Bimmisaari. Carn fakes records of how long Mandalore Pride’s been at Ubrickian to convince freighter we’re reputable mercs.

We failed to convince freighter to hire us, but we can see their computers, with the trojan. Mandalore’s Pride takes the shorter route to Bimmisaari. Unfortunately, the hyper drive conks out upon arrival. We arrived ahead of the freighter by 9 hours.

Adenn will repair drive. Droid will monitor channels. Carn, Dr. Samosas, and Feigren form a landing party. Adenn not doing well, taken off repairs.

Land at public docks. Rented 2 spaces, 1 for us, 1 for swap. Adenn and Feigren go to drop address to find contacts. After knocking, we are nabbed by poncho clad figures. Basic contacts are exchanged. After ditching the tail at the market, Adenn and Feigren return to the dock.

Carn works on setting up camera loops. All transports use a centralized repair area.

The plan is to sabotage the Imperial docking facility so that the incoming freighter must dock in our public dock. After coaching, Feigren successfully sneaks into the Imperial facility, and sabotages the lights.

The freighter is overdue. It hasn’t checked in along the route or here.



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