The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 14

In Which A Ship Falls Into The Crew's Lap.

Glastro is the capital of Bimmisaari. Bigger ships land on platforms outside city walls.

Adenn in charge of finding fast ship to steal. Carn hacks into local network. He saves all login info. Dr. Samosas decides to steal the Bacta freighter. During ship system hack, we receive scrambled audio file communique. Inserted trojan into communique. Carn traces “Urgesh” w/ slicer team. The ship is the azz3 freighter, Night on Zeltros. The captain is Sash Ack, a Zebrak. Kyle changed their passwords.

Adenn and Feigren set to steal the Bacta ship. On board, we confront captain and copilot. They’ve had 2 tons of bacta stolen by a scoundrel. Dr. Samosas wants a quick resolution, so Adenn goes physical. He takes the Duros captain down. The Mon Cal copilot sabotages the ship control panel and knocks herself out. Feigren cuffs the Mon Cal.

Kyle’s party meets Urgesh under the Bacta ship. A friendly encounter before she boards the ship to assess the situation. Feigren meets with the Urgesh to improve relations. Urgesh offers the services of Night on Zeltros. Adenn and Carn search the ship. Carn takes 20 credits. There a lot of medical supplies. Adenn searches for parts. Carn searches for clues about the missing Bacta.

The Urgesh is called Blue. He has modified the azz3 to better accomodate his plant nature. It’s like a swamp. On board, a blurg is miserable in the humidity. Blue wants to go back to Urgeshuie. Apparently Urgesh power a living spaceship. Blue’s ship and fellow crew were killed by pirates. Sash, the ship’s proper owner, wandered off at Bonedan spaceport SE2. Will try to return ship to Sash, once he’s made it home.

We are sharing the ship with Blue. Port side pods reconfigured for humanoid comfort. Blue offers Feigren Kaloob liqueur to refresh her system. Humanoids react badly to it, though. While Feigren did feel refreshed afterwards, the removal of all toxins from her system was messy and unpleasant.

The plan is to travel in reverse toward Kwenn station seeking the Imperial Freighter. 1st stop is Charos. They’re not there. Next is Balmak. Not here. Next stop Kashik. The freighter stopped at Kashik. Carn is trying to determine where they went next. They never left, apparently. The freighter is damaged; vented to space. The life pods launched. An article 18 hours ago reports the attack. Imperial salvage operations usually take within 10-20 hours. So time to check the cargo is limited.

Carn and Feigren will use spacesuits to visit the freighter. Adenn will rig up a pulley to ferry back crates.



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