The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 15

In Which Necessity Is The Mother Of A New Media Outlet - The Outer Rim Star.

The AZZ3: Night on Zeltros arrives 50k out from Kashyyyk station, and 4k out from the now derelict Imperial cargo ship that holds Progg’s cargo.

We make preparations to move the cargo. Blue pulls within 30m of the derelict freighter. We are joined by a DX9 Imperial Transport, which can have a crew of 3, plus up to 20 Stormtroopers. The DX9 is accompanied by 2 tie fighters.

Adenn and Feigren pose as reporters for The Outer Rim Star, a tabloid, we just invented. Carn is faking a website for the paper, and history of articles. Adenn and Feigren are doing recon only at this point. We will not be transferring cargo yet.

Feigren jumps across the void with the rope hitched to the cargo elevator. She hitches it to a solid piece of metal on the derelict. Adenn makes it across and inside the derelict.

Adenn recons. The cargo is still on the freighter. There is a strange piece of junk floating near ship that is not of the ship. Feigren ties the rope to Adenn, so he can retreive the strange debris. Feigren tries to find if the remaining laser cannon has power and works by heading to the cockpit of the freighter. Feigren gets space sick, but makes it into the cockpit.

Carn finishes the website, and tries to listen to the official Imperial bands to find out what they’re up to. There is nothing to hear.

Adenn misses grabbing the object. He uses his jetpack to try again. He succeeds and takes the object back to the AZZ3. Feigren finds the Starboard cannon still works. She dictates an article to Carn. Dr. Samosa walks Feigren through the cannon controls.

Feigren then locates the freight elevator, partially damaged and seeks a way to manually open the door for it. She gets it open.

Adenn finds a logo on the debris, and research shows it to be the logo of the Shell Hutts. It is the same logo as on the banner recovered from the pirate base.

Blue moves the AZZ3 to 10m from freighter. The Imperials have noticed us. Feigren suggests a setup to move a crate from the freighter to the AZZ3 for “journalistic inquiry.” The crates are too big to move well. Feigren and Adenn prepare to return to the AZZ3. Adenn makes it safely, but Feigren misses the door when she jumps. She finally gets inside, as they’re moving away from the derelict, but still is space sick.

The slicer team works on scanning the Imperial ship. It is the Kashyyyk Sigma 3. The AZZ3 rubbernecks the recovery team.

Back on board, Feigren discovers the Shell Hutt tie in. She tries to remember the social workings of the Hutts and where Progg fits in. Progg belongs to the Desilijic clan (same as Jabba). The Desilijic and Shell clans have no particular issue.

Dr. Samosa wants to get onto the station to find a way to retrieve the cargo. While trying to figure out a way on board, A Night on Zeltros is ordered by the Imperials to stand down and be boarded.

Everyone except Blue is manacled and escorted into adjoining cells. A flunkie individually interviews us. We pose as innocent reporters. After questioning, we are released, and the Urgesh is the only one detained.

While waiting for a transport shuttle, Dr. Samosa sets a bomb in the cell toilet, but remains locked inside. Feigren and Carn persuade a Corporal to let them use a computer for “fact-checking.” However, Feigren is insufficiently distracting to the corporal while Carn hacks in to the holonet. When busted, Carn plans to talk his way out of it.



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