The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 16

In Which The Crew Explores Unsavory Things In Differing Ways.

Dr. Samosa blows a hole in the refresher grate big enough to dive through, and with only minor damage.

The transport will arrive in approx 15 mins.

Carn and Feigren discover that the cargo hasn’t been checked yet, and is being held in space, among a collection of cargo containers because the station doesn’t have the holding capacity.

After Dr. Samosa’s explosion, Adenn, Feigren and Carn are escorted all together to a different cell.

Dr. Samosa ends up in the sewage cistern. After a bumpy ride through the solids conveyor, she ends up in the area where solids are compacted into cargo containers. Using the power prybar, Dr. Samosa pries open a maintenance hatch and crawls into it. She closes the door after her. It’s a little warped.

Walking through the corridors, Dr. Samosa ends up on the ring area, where she encounters some troops. After gravity hijinx in the dumbwaiter/reorientator, she runs into a naval trooper. He shoots her in surprise. They scuffle. Although injured, Dr. Samosa pushes him into the jinxed dumbwaiter.

Feigren tries to hint at Carn and Adenn at a plan to hijack the Imperial transport, but neither picks up on it.

Dr. Samosa runs down the hall towards a lift and takes it down. She comes upon a droid-run work station. She also hijinxes this lift, since it, too, does gravity rotation.

The Corporal returns to the cell to escort the “survivors” to the shuttle. Feigren convinces him to wait another 15 minutes for Dr. Samosa‚Äôs remains.

Dr. Samosa convinces a droid that she’s a sewage maintenance contractor. She follows strange noises to find a wookie hiding in an electronics bay. They team up.

The Corporal returns to tell of Dr. Samosa’s escape. She will be arrested when found.

Meanwhile, Dr. Samosa determines that the cargo is safe and unscanned. She alters the records so that the containers read as already scanned, an urgent shipment to Bimmasaari of concrete. She also corrupts her personnel file.

The troopers discover and capture Kyle and the wookie. They return the pair to cells. Feigren, Adenn, and Carn are escorted to the troop shuttle. Dr. Samosa will receive a trial before being shuttled to the Kessel spice mines.

Dr. Samosa’s lawyer gets her off with a fine of 9500 credits. She gets a nice shuttle with 8 stormtroopers which will take her to Torn Station to rejoin her crew.

On the troop shuttle, Feigren unsuccessfully tries to romance a stormtrooper. Plan B involves martial arts and hacking. Carn hacks the computer to make sure we don’t drop out of hyperspace early. He also locks the crew out of the compartment, and locks the crew out of the computer. Feigren disables a stormtrooper and Adenn takes three out before dropping the fourth.

Feigren ties up the stormtroopers before she and Carn retreat to the computer room for sniper action. Adenn will bluff the crew when the door opens. But first, Feigren issues an ultimatum over the intercom: Surrender or Die.



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