The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 17

In Which The Gang Journeys To Torn Station.

After issuing the ultimatum, the Victory 3’s crew discusses. Carn is trying to bring up an audio feed. Eventually the crew surrenders. We tie them up and stash them in the rear airlock. Carn will work the computers so we can drop out of hyperspace and turn around to rescue Dr. Samosa. We strip troopers and crew of weapons, tools, and cash. We don’t want them to do anything sneaky.

Dr. Samosa gets a nice frigate for a transport ship. She showers. The stormtroopers force her to shower with the door open, so she sings opera badly for as long as she can.

Adenn, Carn, and Feigren decide to return to the Imperial station to tap into computer for intel on Kyle’s status.

Torn Station is primarily a refueling station. Upon arrival at the station, Kyle plays “American tourist.” Her plan is to scam a ship out of a rich tourist, and hire a new bodyguard, since hers isn’t here. She accesses a computer to check on the Imperial shuttle and look for a cool ship to steal.

Aboard the Victory 3, they return to Kashyyyk to query Dr. Samosa’s status. Adenn successfully tricks station into thinking nothing is wrong. We learn that Dr. Samosa’s been shipped to Torn Station. Thus Victory 3 turns around and heads for the station.

Kyle enters the cantina, The Sith’s Head. She’s still playing “American tourist.” She chats up a rich-looking female mark.

Human noble, Commander Xarren, inquires of the local info merchant after a job. The merchant suggests he find out about Kyle. They meet. Kyle’s current name is Xsa Xsa. Armanda of Notsub Corp. is the “mark.” Notsub is the largest shipping company of Tattooine.

Commander Xarren offers his bodyguard services. Kyle sidesteps the offer. Armanda leaves. Kyle also leaves to seek out the recently arrived Corelian corvette. It is an hour late. Xarren follows, so Kyle hires him as “tour guide.”

As they arrive upon the dock of the corvette, the crew indicates that the ship was attacked by pirates, and their cargo stolen. Armanda is the ship’s owner. Four of the crew have debarked the corvette. It’s been roughed up by the attack. Kyle memorizes the crew faces. Armanda doesn’t seem as surprised or upset as she should.

Onboard the Victory 3, Feigren works to persuade the captain to give codes and information to help with the landing. It doesn’t work, although he’s no longer hostile. Carn works to break the codes in the computer. Eventually, they find the landing cylinder codes. They formulate a plan for landing.

Commander Xarren notices another ship that drops out of hyperspace. It is the Imperial shuttle. Victory 3 successfully transmits codes and hopefully bluffs the frigate.

Next time: happy reunion.



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