The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 18

In Which Cantinas Are Great Places To Make New Friends!

Victory 3 is given permission to dock at starboard hangar. Adenn is landing the ship. Carn, Feigren, and Adenn debark the ship. Adenn is disguised as a stormtrooper. He escorts an “ill” Feigren, and a concerned Carn off the ship. They lock the ship.

People notice Dr. Samosa wandering around the station. She is followed by the tall, arrogant pilot, Commander Xarren. She has hired him as a tour guide for 5 credits. He knows everything about Torn Station (natural 20). Dr. Samosa wants dirt on station managers. She also wants to hire new lackeys.

Benmar discovers a smelly wookie (Nimble) hiding around the corner. He has shorn his fur to a short level. He is the wookie Kyle teamed up with on Kashyyyk Station. Nimble shouts at Benmar. They can both notice Dr. Samosa acting silly while looking at the corvette.

Adenn asks for info about Dr. Samosa at the cantina. Feigren decides to look for Dr. Samosa playing the tourist. They decide to to look at the more expensive hangers. Feigren gets directions from a local kraglamoid, and Benmar.

Yay! Happy reunion. Benmar and Nimble tag along. We return to the cantina. Nimble gets there first. Dr. Samosa asks after luxury accommodations, and sends Commander Xarren with Adenn and Carn to investigate. Before hand, she briefs Adenn and Carn as to their real mission: to case out the Notsub Corp., and get dirt so she can steal their corvette. Nimble hides nearby the cantina and observes the party.

Suddenly blaster fire erupts in the cantina. Adenn and Commander Xarren are both hit. A chevin is shooting at Adenn, and two ganks shoot at Commander Xarren. Nimble attacks the chevin. One gank drops Commander Xarren, and they stalk towards his prone body. Benmar joins the attack of the chevin. Carn flees to hide behind the band. The wookie bartender hops over the bar with a pipe and grimly heads toward chevin. Dr. Samosa hops behind the bar to make smoke bombs.

The bar patrons flee for the exits. Nimble spots the chevin, but misses his shot. The chevin misses his shot at Adenn. One gank deflects Benmar’s martial attack. Adenn misses the other gank. Carn turns one speaker up and places a mic in front of it. Feigren misses the other gank. The wookie bartender turns back towards the bar and Dr. Samosa. She sees the bartender coming, hops back over the bar, and tosses her smoke bombs. The smoke conceals Dr. Samosa, Feigren, and Commander Xarren.

Adenn has a new battle cry, “Who ordered death?” Carn uses his blaster to cause feedback between the speaker and the mike. He also manages to hit the chevin. Everyone takes feedback damage, and the smoke is blown away by the sound waves. Feigren uses the clearer area to shoot and wound the second gank. The bartender runs toward the chevin. Dr. Samosa stabilizes Commander Xarren, and he improves.

Nimble charges a gank, but misses. The chevin misses Adenn. The gank slashes at Benmar, but misses. The other gank’s gun blows up in his hand. Benmar drops a random bar patron. Commander Xarren gets his second wind. The chevin hits Adenn. One gank advances toward Xarren, the other attacks Nimble, and wounds him. Benmar drops the first gank. Adenn slashes the other gank well. Nimble advances on the second gank.

The chevin throws a ranged stun grenade. It hits the gank, Adenn, the bartender, and Nimble, but he evades. The gank and the bartender go down, stunned. Adenn hits the chevin. The chevin is well armored and easy to miss. sigh The chevin turns and runs, but Benmar drops him. Whew!



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