The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 19

In Which Mysterious And Wealthy Women Are Very Distracting.

Dr. Samosa loots one of the ganks. She takes his fancy rifle and liquid cable dispenser. She cuts off his mask, and removes his implants. She also removes the gold filling from one of his trophy teeth. She’s very excited about her find. Feigren hands her a bar towel to clean up.

Carn searches the other gank. He gets a blaster rifle adorned with grisly trophies. Carn cuts off the gank’s arm to get off a metal bracelet with blinking lights. He also finds a suite room key, a 19 cm code cylinder, and a hair necklace with a small (4 cm) alien figurine tucked inside.

Nimble loots the chevin to get a blaster carbine in a large holster, gaudy red ring, and credit pouch with two credits. He also finds mesh tape, a flask with a mysterious liquid, and an oversized vacuum mask. Adenn demands the mesh tape, but Nimble refuses. The chevin is also wearing a small sense plate connected by small wires. Nimble takes it.

Adenn is keeping watch. When he hears stormtroopers approach, the gang disperses from the carnage. Carn and Adenn go to the other end of the bar, have a drink, and discuss cheese at length. Dr. Samosa and Feigren leave for a shopping expedition. Nimble carries the fainted Commander Xarren off. Benmar also leaves. Everyone tactfully waits to let the stormtroopers pass before slipping off.

Dr. Samosa offers Benmar and his “pet,” (aka Nimble) a job. He accepts. She suggests pay will include room and board for Benmar and his pet. She has Benmar go off on recon with Adenn and Carn.

The station has a bar, a trading outpost, a medical facility, an entertainment facility, and a barber salon. A couple of clothing shops, a small fabrication shop, a botanical garden, a gym, a massage parlor, and a casino. Carn goes to browse in the trading post. He, Adenn, and co., mosey off to the hotel facilities. They find the hotel where the gank was staying, but end up giving up the suite key. They head toward the medical facility. They find and book a cheap hotel room in the lower levels, spending 35 credits.

Dr. Samosa and Feigren visit clothing shops. They catch up on events by describing them as “holovids.” They seek for the places Armanda shops. At one shop, Dr. Samosa plays socialite and demands to see clothing Armana has on hold. After Feigren pusuades the clerk, she looks up Armanda’s data and brings out a dress. Dr. Samosa continues to fuss and has Feigren go with the clerk to the back room to search for the “correct” item, while she looks up info on Armanda on the terminal.

Carn and co., enter the hotel room. Commander Xarren gets dumped on the bed. Nimble takes a much-needed shower. Carn searches the room for bugs while having an innocuous conversation with Adenn about cheese. Neither Carn nor Adenn find any. Carn keeps looking, though… Eventually, they leave the Commander in the room to go find Dr. Samosa.

Dr. Samosa and Feigren leave the shop with an address in hand and go shopping for medical supplies. Dr. Samosa buys a hypospray and syringes. They hit a liquor store for ingredients for chemical cocktails. (I say they, but Dr. Samosa has all the knowledge about this.)

Carn & co, rendezvous with Dr. Samosa and Feigren. They all return to the hotel room. The plan is to have The Outer Rim Star investigate the rash of pirate attacks in the area. Benmar, Feigren, and Nimble will research the Corellian corvette. Dr. Samosa, Adenn, and Carn will investigate at the local corporate office of Notsub shipping. Arnthout is the corvette’s name.

Feigren interviews one of the techs. The attacks are primarily energy weapons, such as laser cannons. There have been a fair number of them, but not over stressful for the crews. It will take another two days to finish repairs. The crew doesn’t want to do an interview, so Feigren and crew are loitering hopefully outside the ship. Feigren has Benmar take pictures of the ship, and Nimble is standing watch.

Dr. Samosa goes to the hotel where Armanda is staying and arranges an interview with “Bob” of The Outer Rim Star, and Armanda in the lobby. Dr. Samosa and Carn sneak around to find a spare room key and do recon on the locking mechanisms. Dr. Samosa cuts her way into a room to order room service. The room service guy resists, with a holdout pistol, but eventually goes down. Carn dons his uniform and takes the guest key to reprogram it. He is successful.

Dr. Samosa stages the employee to look like he rampaged the room. There is nothing of value in the room.

After a long wait, Armanda approaches Feigren to inquire about her business. She’s not pleased to be accosted by another reporter from The Outer Rim Star. Feigren does sweet talk her way into getting an interview with a crew member.

Feigren interviews Carlity, pilot of the Arnthout. He reports a slightly smaller ship, heavily modified, attacking them. It had a docking clamp, and jamming array. The pirates were largely human, but also a gran, a cathar, a knucknog, and others he didn’t know. Ten pirates overpowered the mostly defenseless crew. One crew was seriously injured, and several others wounded. They were healed with Bacta and medical treatments. The pirates had blaster rifles.

Pirate captain was human, slender, with dark black hair. She wore a flight suit, jacket, and large blaster. They spoke only basic. The Arnthout was carrying technical parts, which the pirates took. Armanda is impatient for the interview to finish.

Dr. Samosa meets up with Carn and Adenn. She’s disappointed that the interview didn’t take very long. Kyle decides to take some of the clothes from the room she looted, and have Adenn deliver them to Armanda’s suite. They call up, to see if the room is empty. It is not.

Armanda has Feigren wrap up the interview. Feigren and co, stealthily linger. Armanda comes off the ship. Feigren’s team trails her. At the center of the hub, Armanda turns into a salon. Nimble goes off to sell the rifle and holster. Feigren tries to figure out what to do next.

A quick check-in with Dr. Samosa has Nimble following Armanda, while Feigren and Benmir head to the medical center to interview the injured crewman, or medical staff. The plan is to still steal the ship, even in its injured state. If it flew into the station, it can fly out again.

Kyle engages the plan. Adenn is to deliver the clothes and assess the situation. If there are more than two, he is not to ambush them. The door opens to one humanoid-shaped droid. Adenn gives it the clothes and attacks the droid.

Combat! The droid grabs a blade. Adenn grabs the other blade. Kyle and Carn charge into the room. The blades are vibro-swords. Adenn and the robot exchange blows. Kyle searches the suite. She finds a datapad. She loots business records, and attempts to break into the room safe. Adenn eventually drops the droid.

Nimble peeks into the salon to find Armanda gone. Hmm. Feigren and Benmar head to the medical facility. Feigren poses as a claims adjuster to see the crewmember of the Arnthout. They are told to wait for an appointment.



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