The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 20

In Which The Gang Gets Back To The Task At Hand.

Carn loots the humanoid-shaped droid, with big eyes, like a bug, and puts the head in a laundry bag. The processor is medium to medium-slow in Star Wars terms. Carn looks at the room’s electronic safe. Sadly, the numeric keypad is more of a probability game versus technical. Adenn uses a Force point to open the safe to no avail.

Notsub Company uses Dorinian Medtech Group for health insurance, according to their site. Armanda has been the CEO for the past 10 “years.” Maltsett insures the actual employees. Notsub probably has the deluxe package. The crew person is currently in surgery, and won’t be available for about an hour and a half. Feigren and Benmar exit for “tea.”

After a call to Dr. Samosa, Feigren is charged with looking at the current list of ships to find an alternate. The new plan is to monkey with station security to steal a ship. One of the new ships is an Imperial refueling frigate; one is the Queen Alenari, a passenger liner. The pathfinder racing yacht has left, the corvette is being repaired, a GS100 salvage ship, slow; and a few hobbyist fighter ships; and a Citadel cruiser registered to Drayk Peacegiver.

Dr. Samosa trashes Armanda’s room to make it look vandalized. There is a final push to open the room safe. Kyle uses her laser to cut through the bolts and the plate that covers them. They retrieve another datapad from the safe. Kyle loots a pretty necklace and earring set.

Everyone goes to rendezvous at the skanky hotel room, except Nimble, who doesn’t know. Carn looks up Drayk Peacegiver on the holonet. He’s the Abbot of the Dim-U religion. The plan is to get a shipping crate, fill it with a giant smoke grenade, put it in the Citadel cruiser’s neighboring bay, set it off, and steal the cruiser. The crate is 150 credits. Materials are 300 credits.

Adenn, Benmar, and Kyle build a giant smoke grenade in the crate. Feigren and Nimble head down to the dock to case it. They pose as couple of tourists. Feigren talks to a dock worker. She gets him behind some crates and distracts him while Nimble knocks him unconscious. They strip and loot him. They take his uniform and com link. Nimble takes the uniform to Dr. Samosa. Feigren heads for the hallway. She passes some trandoshans in the hallway. Although they have a reputation for violence, nothing happens.

Adenn gets to wear the coverall. Everyone moves to the hallway area. Adenn sets up the crate. Carn hijacks the local security system from the hallway. Xarren is wrapped to look like a carpet or something. We are in the hallway. We wait for the explosion, then board the ship.

Dr. Samosa overcomes the pilot, and we all leave the station. The salvage ship leaves in a big hurry, and has 4 fighters chase it. Adenn pilots the Citadel cruiser, Void Angel.

The station hails Void Angel, complaining about the sudden departure. Feigren claims distress about the disturbance in the next bay. Carn fails to change the computer convincingly enough, in that they watch him change the record under their noses. Oops. The station’s fighters turn from the jumped salvage to us. Adenn uses the ship’s coordinates for Umbarra, and we escape the fighters.

Void Angel has no coordinates to Biimisaari. Carn searches for a way to change the ship’s registration. This ship has a mechanism to change the registration, Carn discovers. We change the ship to The Dusty Dianoga, belonging to Trask Nelesko, a Biim. This ship has 3 engines, each registered separately. The third option is the Braying Bantha.

The Dusty Dianoga has coordinates to Biimasaari. We flip a u-turn, and head back. The route is Torn Station, Kashyyyk, Balmac, Charos, and Biimisaari.

Nimble, Benmar, Carn, and Feigren loot the ship while Adenn reviews security footage. Starboard side crew room is full of bantha feed fore and aft. The Port side crew room also has feed fore, but a small bedroom aft. The dresser holds a datapad, a comlink, and blaster pistol. Nimble claims all the items, but allows Carn to copy files from the datapad. There is a powered-down servant droid in a turbo lift. Carn takes charge of it.



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