The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 21

In Which It's The Little Things That Get You.

On the ship the Dusty Dianoga. It has piping all along the walls. An engineering station is partway along the first floor.

We’ve stashed Commander Xarren next to the bantha. The bantha is slightly smaller than normal. It’s on a nice rug for comfort.

Dr. Samosa searches for secret compartments. The chandelier seems weird, though. It resembles a courier droid. Hey, it is one! It moves upon discovery.

Xarren is still tied up. Adenn previously relieved him of his weapons. Xarren wiggles toward the forward cabins. Nimble misses punching the droid. Benmar and Adenn decide to wait and see what it does. The droid moves away from the crowd. It launches a stun grenade, which hits everyone but Carn and Feigren. Dr. Samosa is hurt badly.

Benmar misses an attack. Adenn chooses to flee behind the bantha. Feigren hears the noise of the grenade and goes upstairs to see what’s happening. She peeks up the stairs, but sees only Adenn and the bantha. Adenn says the droid attacked. A peek around the bannister lets Feigren see the droid.

Nimble moves around to flank the droid. It tries to use a taser on Nimble, but misses. Adenn goes to grapple with the droid. Xarren inches toward the cabin. Kyle frisks the old man. She finds a remote in his pantleg. Feigren ducks back downstairs to find thrown weapons. She finds a cable and a square of metal sheeting. The droid resets its taser and successfully uses it on Adenn. Then it flies downstairs. Adenn and Feigren both miss it as it goes past. The droid continues to evade attacks. Xarren makes it into the crew quarters. He’s still tied up, but sees his weapons on the bed.

Nimble hides in a corner. The droid moves and shoots at Adenn with a sniper blaster and hits. Feigren finds a metal pipe, and swings and misses at the droid. The old man declines to give the password to Kyle, so she shoots his bum.

Nimble confirms the droid is gone and retreats to the wall where it plugs into a droid socket. The giant lift starts to lower with the bantha and Drayke Peacegiver. The droid still manages to evade attacks. Feigren runs upstairs and yells at folks to unplug the droid from the wall. Dr. Samosa attempts to hack the remote. Nimble hops onto the lowering lift, then onto the lower floor. He misses the droid, though.

The droid opens the inner airlocks, and the outer ones a crack. Air starts to rush out and pulls people towards the airlocks. Benmar goes downstairs and fails to stab the droid. Adenn calls Carn to close the airlocks. He then throws the probe at the droid, but misses. Drayke falls off the lift and struggles futilely. Feigren struggles to stay inside and calls for Carn to close the doors. Kyle hacks into the remote, but it tries to shock her.



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