The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 22

In Which Geezers And Droids Are Troublesome.

We return mid-battle. The large turbo lift has safely lowered the bantha to the lower level. Nimble gets sucked against the outer airlock door. It’s not open enough to suck anyone outside, just to remove the air and hurt. Adenn uses a force point and finally lands a punch to the skittering droid. He uses another force point for his proper attack and lands another punch against the droid.

Feigren jumps down the hatch and lands on the bantha. She slides down the side of the bantha to land next to Drayke. Carn closes the airlock and configures life support to replace the air quickly. Dr. Samosa manages to put the droid in stasis from a console. Nimble charges and hits the droid. The droid enables its audio stun system. Benmar catches some of it and gets hurt.

Drayke tries to crawl away, but Feigren shoots to stun him at point blank range with her blaster pistol. Carn unties Xarren before returning to the console. Xarren wanders to the upper bay and takes a shot at the droid through the access port without success. Nimble charges the droid again. Dang it’s strong. Nimble gets an attack of opportunity and finally downs the droid. Oh, wait, not yet. It stumbles, but powers up again. Adenn clocks it and Benmar crits, but the droid is still active.

Along with its continual sonic attack, it fires another stun grenade. Benmar and Adenn feel the grenade, but Nimble is nimble. The droid releases its wrath on Nimble by shooting him. Feigren ties up Drayke. Carn tries to pull the same trick as Dr. Samosa, but with better success. The droid stands down. Xarren joins Dr. Samosa at the terminal, and searches for information.

Nimble runs upstairs and hides in an alcove. Benmar attacks the motionless droid. It explodes in shower of sparks. Feigren drags Drayke upstairs to Dr. Samosa. Kyle decides to put him on ice, but not before Xarren punches him.

Xarren looks through the logs to find out who’s been talking to the ship most recently. Then he searches the ship, including the machine parts. He finds several transponder parts.

Nimble is unable to persuade the crew to help his mission on Kashyyyk. So we plan to let him have an escape pod aimed at Kashyyyk Station before we continue on. Before we do that, Carn changes the registration back to the Void Angel. It’s better to only have one ship in trouble, right?

We pop out of Kashyyyk in the middle of a pitched battle between rebel forces, including another space station! and Imperial forces. Nimble’s escape pod has plenty of distractive cover as it fires off towards the station. Adenn and Xarren hurriedly reprogram the nav computer and we launch towards Balmac. Thus we graze the Battle of Kashyyyk. If Nimble succeeds at anything in this battle, we plan to take credit for it.

Having escaped intact, several crew members rest and heal as we travel along to Biimisaari. The rest of the trip is uneventful.

36 hours after we left, we return to Biimisaari. Upon arrival, Kyle and Carn search the holonet for the desired cargo. There have been some improvements to the security of the holonet since we left.



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