The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 23

In Which The Gang Initiates Operation: Destroy Imperial Landing Site, Part 1.

News reports have Kashyyyk Station crashing into Kashyyyk planet as the result of a terrorist attack.

The plan for the freighter is as before: To sabotage the Imperial docking facility so that the incoming freighter must dock in the public dock. This time Adenn, Carn and Feigren will sneak in while Kyle, Benmar, and Xarren will cause the distraction.

Carn is writing a program for the Imperial tank to have it fire the thermal detonators and other weaponry at enough support structures in the Imperial docking structure to make it too unsound for the cargo ship to land there.

Sadly, our looking at the holonet has alerted an Imperial patrol. We are about to be boarded. We’ve decided to be Dim U members who want to buy Biimisaari dirt to mix with Bantha excrement for spa purposes. We are “ineptly” complying with orders to stand down and be boarded while we prepare. Carn and the slicer team wipe the system, while Kyle secures the front lower cargo hold.

Feigren welcomes two Imperial officers and 10 Stormtroopers, including Captain Salmis Brenn of the system patrol craft Expra. Both Feigren and Kyle examine the warrant offered, but can find no loopholes.

Feigren offers a red herring holonet search, but it is brushed aside. The officers invite a couple of techs to look at the ship’s computers. They find the clean computer system suspicious. The crew gives a good run around, but to no effect. Finally Kyle offers herself as sacrifice, so the plan can continue. They arrest her.

The Dusty Dianoga gets permission to land outside the city. It lands near the Mandalore’s Pride, but not next to it. Benmar and Commander Xarren will be on distraction duty. Adenn, Carn, and Feigren are on stealth and sabotage duty. If Dr. Samosa gets released in time, she will join the distraction team, if not, she will attempt to help the sabotage team.

The Dusty Dianoga has landing gear, but it usually docks at gantries. Landing in the field means a 12 meter drop. Adenn make a synth rope ladder so we can get down.

We call to 47X2B to lower the ramp to the Mandalore’s Pride, and we enter. We catch up. 47X2B misses Dr. Samosa, but seems to accept Feigren as temporary leader.

Stormtroopers arrive to arrest 47X2B for kidnapping and torture. They stun it and Feigren lets them cart it away. She says its owner is probably receiving a tour of the garrison currently. They go away.

The distraction team decides on Operation Wild Gizka Chase. Xarren will drive a speeder bike, and Benmar will chuck explosives, and shoot troopers on a merry chase through the city. Unfortunately, they chuck the explosives at the front gate, which is the one near the door we wanted to enter through. The guards coalesce there. A Tie Fighter launches to pursue, as well.

The sabotage team tries to find a place in the wall to climb over stealthily. They climb over the wall under one of the lookout towers. Stealthily they walk along the wall until they reach the tank doors on the end of the tank garage. A control box is near the wall. Adenn is dubbed most sneaky and most technical, so he needs to get us in.

The doors open. There are workers inside. A foreman comes to investigate the opening door.

The distraction team is pursued by 4 speeder bikes. They’re shooting at the DT. Benmar hits one of the bikes, but it gets in a last shot. DT’s bike gets hit, then the attacker turns back to base.



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