The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 24

In Which Speed Bumps Don't Prevent Part 2 Of The Operation.

Before Dr. Samosa got carted off last session, she whips up a concoction to put her in a near-death state. She injects herself with it. She then theatrically has a heart attack. Unfortunately, her random syringe attack on the troopers goes wild, albeit undetected as an attack. Her ravings include the monkeys typing reference before she passes out.

Adenn and Carn hide around the corner of the pillar after they open the barn doors. Feigren remains by the wall gate to provide intel over the comm. She notes the approach of the lead engineer to investigate. Carn and Adenn decide to distract the approaching engineer by making a noise. Carn makes some mechanical droid-type sound. The engineer follows the sound around the corner of the pillar, where Adenn and Carn clock him.

Xarren’s strong piloting skills manage to steer the bike around some tight corners to destroy two more speeders. The remaining Imperial speeder bike takes a shot, which explodes the speeder bike under Xarren and Benmar. Xarren manages to aim the bike at a nearby merchant cart so they can land safely. They land with only minor singeing and fall damage into a fruit cart.

Adenn dons the engineer’s uniform. Carn disguises the engineer under a cloak to blend in with the scenery. Adenn walks in the shed unchallenged. Carn and Feigren attempt to sneak in, but are not so lucky. Feigren distracts the advancing techs so Carn can escape. She is captured by the techs and a couple of Stormtroopers.

Adenn and Carn follow the corridor around the corner and end up behind the tank. There’s a storage cubby next to it for cargo. It’ll make an easy hiding place, if necessary. Adenn opens the tank with the code cylinder from the uniform. Carn enters the tank to install his control software. It will aim at the support structures of the shed to collapse it. Carn successfully installs the software. They hang out nearby to make sure it works.

Feigren is escorted behind the turbolift, up stairs to a catwalk towards the main garrison. She is led through corridors to the detention area. They put her in one of the first ones. One of the corridors she was escorted through is the main foyer, with entries at either end. She doesn’t see Dr. Samosa at any point during her tour.

The tank goes berzerk. The tank shoots out a support structure. The laser cannon fires and puts a huge hole in the big turbolift. Adenn joins the fleeing techs. Carn trails after. The techs converge on a nearby emergency assembly area outside the shed. Adenn joins them.

Carn decides to sneak off. He spots a familiar-looking short-haired wookie atop the outer wall. Nimble jumps down the wall into the inside. The engineers scatter, except for that one guy who’s always frozen in place, like in the movies. The guards in the towers are shooting at Nimble. Adenn and Carn use Nimble’s commotion to sneak away. Nimble runs into the shed to discover the rogue tank. He heads down the left perimeter corridor towards the garrison.

Dr. Samosa wakes up in the morgue. There’s a nearby tech performing an autopsy. Kyle acts like a zombie, and scares the snot out of the tech, who flees. She proceeds to loot the morgue. She finds a medical apron and loads it up with vials of formaldehyde, other chemicals, and surgical tools. She manages to whip up some inflammable materials, and proceeds to seed the morgue strategically with it, so that she can set everything on fire with a small surgical laser cutter. Then she does it.

Next to the morgue is the medical center. Those doctors flee when the morgue tech flees. After all, if the morgue tech can’t handle it, it must be tremendously scary. Naked, except for the medical apron, Kyle bursts into the Med center screaming about the zombie apocalypse.

Nimble punches a security officer as he runs toward the garrison. While he doesn’t drop, he drops his blaster in fright, and runs away. Nimble knocks the officer out while he tries to escape. Nimble manages to shut down the alarms.

He finds his way to the Medical center, where he meets up with Dr. Samosa. She loads him down with a big medical kit before stuffing a duffel with a surgery kit an 10 medpacks. She finds her clothes, and dons a labcoat and shoes. She also grabs a nearby datapad.

Xarren tries to blend into the marketplace by buying some items. He buys a bandolier and a cape. A group of locals walk up to Benmar to demand he surrender his blaster rifle. Benmar refuses. They attack in turn with stun batons, but Benmar is ninja-riffic. A baton finally hits, but they don’t really affect him. He starts swatting them away. One finally whips out a stun grenade. Xarren avoids the conflict and looks for a vantage point to snipe from. Benmar takes the stun grenade, but it doesn’t really hurt him. The locals are intimidated and run away.

Adenn and Carn go to climb up the wall, but are spotted. They make it to the top, but the guards open fire. Adenn jumps safely down outside. A guard tracks him and shoots him as he lands. More alarms start. Carn also jumps down the wall. He manages to avoid the shot at him. They run towards the main town, but find no cover as yet. The guards continue to shoot at them, but they get away.

Adenn tries to call Feigren, but reaches Dr. Samosa. After determining locations, Adenn mentions Feigren is in the detention center. Kyle repeats this aloud, and Nimble turns around and heads to the detention center. Kyle follows him. She plays with the control panel and gets all the cells to open. Feigren sticks her head out, hears Dr. Samosa’s ravings, and heads towards her. Other prisoners include a couple of Biims, and a Mrlssi. Dr. Samosa encourages them to leave. They do.

Another tank starts shooting at the crazy tank, but it still succeeds in bringing down the shed. It’s very loud, with metal screeching and tearing. Dr. Samosa, Nimble, and Feigren can hear it well. Adenn and Carn can also hear it. Dr. Samosa wipes any records of the party from the local Imperial system. They exit the building to the left. Oops, that’s where the nearby emergency assembly area is. They start shooting at us. We run back inside and lock all the doors.

Dr. Samosa finds the artillery tower and the armory. The armory has dark smoke pouring in through an opening leading to the shed. They stop there briefly to pick up weapons and armor. Everyone takes a bandolier and loads it up with assorted grenades. Nimble also takes a couple thermal detonators.

Dr. Samosa gathers materials to make a glider to attach grenades and explosives to, so Nimble can fling it from the turret. Nimble and Feigren are to go up the turbo lift first to take care of any stragglers while Kyle remains behind to construct her glider.



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