The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 5

In Which Carn Gets A "Girlfriend."

Found Pete at beginning of session in jail cells on level 4. Went up to level 3, got into armory & found more weapons, fought through entertainment room where there were pirates playing games & watching a holomovie. Secured bar and got alcohol for injecting into pirates. Captured & secured medical bay. no pirates. science stuff in medical bay. Chris & Kyle were in the medical bay while others explored cafeteria, began to eat, went back to the lounge & got ambushed by pirates, People took cover, Neil really couldn’t shoot one pirate, she got called his “girlfriend.” Pete, Neil & Rags retreated to cafeteria, while Adenn stayed in the lounge. Taking cover in the doorway between the lounge & cafeteria, using doors as cover. rushed to coffee table, hid behind, got 20 on Alex and shot him. Everyone got shot, then Dr. Samosas sent Chris, returned from medical bay to try to help by injecting pirates, also got shot & went offline. Adenn was going to use his vibroblade, but everyone else managed to shoot down the last of the pirates. captured 2 prisoners, one of which was Bara, Neil’s “GF.”



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