The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 7

In Which Adenn Blows Dekar Up

Adenn saw a Gand sneaking around level 4. The Gand motioned for him to follow, and they crawled through a vent on level 4 and got into one of the specimen labs, and let the rest of the party in. Dr. Samosas decided to give a speech about killing all the pirates and decided to let out any of the prisoners who seemed intelligent and willing to fight the pirates. Later (?) Adenn, Carn and Ri’lek chased Dekar down a hole and Adenn blew up his escape pod with a miniature thermal detonator, wrecking its engines and causing it to spiral into the side of a hill, nearly killing Dekar. Adenn got them out of the hole by “borrowing” Carn’s jetpack. More exploring on level 4.



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