The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Nimble's Escape Pod Adventures (between Episodes 22 & 23)

In Which Nimble Plays A Key Role In The Battle Of Kashyyyk.

Nimble managed to land on Kashyyyk Station and sabotage it enough to crash into the planet.

He fails to jettison an escape pod, though, and the alarm draws a few stormtroopers. Nimble busts through them and he sneaks to the tie fighter bay to find a different way off the falling station. The bay doors are and remain shut, though.

Nimble fires the tie fighter’s guns at the bay doors. He’s shot about halfway through the doors. A few more rounds of shots should do it, and they do. He escapes in the tie fighter. He turns to fire at the Station. The first shots go wide but not unnoticed. The Station fires at the Tie Fighter. During the melee, Nimble manages to knock out 2 banks of two thruster banks, out of 16, or 8, on the planet side. The station sends out additional Tie Fighters to engage Nimble.

The fighting is fierce! Only destiny saves Nimble on several occasions. But he squeaks through the gauntlet. The other Tie Fighters pursue. Nimble maneuvers to fly back into the hole he blasted in the hangar doors. He goes to fly out the other side, which has open doors. He succeeds, but at least one of the pursuers doesn’t. The others demur to try.

This is the side of the station with working thruster banks. It rotated after Nimble disabled most of the other side. He manages to take out a couple more thruster banks before being clipped by the station. He turns back and flies through the way it came again. Other Tie Fighters are left behind the obstacles. Nimble makes a clean getaway. He flies toward the planet with the intent to land.



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