The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Outline of deal with Progg the Hutt

Dr. Samosas exchanges services and goods with Progg the Hutt

Items of the agreement between Dr. Kyle Samosas and Progg the Hutt include the following:

Kyle will offer her services for drug smuggling, as well as for other courier jobs. Easiest channel for drug smuggling will involve a nominal non-profit that will use Kyle’s tech to disguise the drugs within “aid” missions.

Kyle will sell Progg the gravity well generator from the pirate base for a very good price, as a sign of good will for the drugs misunderstanding.

Progg will provide people to help Dr. Samosas appraise, transport and sell various loot from the pirate base. Progg will receive 40% of the sales for his help. Kyle will keep the actual base for herself.

Most significantly, Dr. Samosas will offer the services of her slicer team for several specific jobs.

The first is a shell game involving Imperial cargo containers being swapped for Progg’s to go to Bimmisaari. The goal is to not have the cargo be scanned or discovered, but transported through Imperial channels. This will involve slicing into the Imperial Binary Load Lifters – no easy task.



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