Kyle Samosa

Human Female Mad Scientist

Kyle Samosa
CL -
Human Female Mad Scientist
Noble 4
Age 29   Height 168 cm ║ 5’6"   Weight 61 kg ║ 135 lb
Homeworld Unknown
Force 6  Languages Basic, Binary, Bothese, Durese, Hapan, Huttese, Verpine, Sith, Ryl, Gamorrean
Defenses Ref 17 (flat-footed 15), Fort 14, Will 18
HP 42; Threshold 14
Speed 6 squares
Base Atk +3
  Melee unarmed +2 (1d4)
  Melee Laser cutter -3 (2d6+1)
  Ranged Blaster pistol +5 (3d6+2)
Abilities Str   9  (-1)
Dex 14 (+2)
Con 11 (+0)
Int    18 (+4)
Wis 14 (+2)
Cha 14 (+2)
  Cybernetic Surgery
  Surgical Expertise
  Skill Train: Mechanics
  Brilliant Defense
  Slicer Team
  Weap Prof. (sim/pist)

Install: DC 20 Treat Injury. Fail: can retry.
Surgery in 10 min., including cybernetics.
Bonus languages = 1 + Int Mod.
Trained in Mechanics.
+4(Int) to Ref (react, end of next turn, encount)
+3. Ea team w/in 12, +1 (max +7). Aid anoth. +4.
no -5 to atk on simple weaps, pistols.

  Acrobatics +4
  Climb +1
  Deception +4
  Endurance +2
  Gather Info +9
  Initiative +9
  Jump +1
  K: Bureaucracy +6
  K: Galac Lore +11

  K: Life Sci +11
  K: Phys Sci +11
  K: Social Sci +6
  K: Tactics +6
  K: Technology +11
  Mechanics +6
  Perception +9
  Persuasion +9

  Pilot +4
  Ride +4
  Stealth +4
  Survival +4
  Swim +1
  Treat Injury +9
  Use Computer +14
  Use the Force +4

Plotting: Kyle plans a) to create an army of cyborg gizka, b) to open a restaurant called the Epicurean Hutt, and c) to create an army of super-soldiers enhanced with the distilled force-essence of Ewoks.
Item Location
Blaster pistol
Laser cutter
Grenades, smoke (3)
Utility Belt
Ration pack
Power pack
Energy cell
Glow rod
Comlink, short-range
Liquid cable dispenser (15m)
Tool kit
Comlink, short-range
Credit chip
Utility belt
Utility belt
Utility belt
Utility belt
Utility belt
Utility belt
Utility belt
Utility belt

Kyle was born to an influential and deeply embedded Coruscant dynasty. Although part of a large family of dedicated money launderers, triad lords, mad scientists, and archvillains, Kyle’s mother rebelled against the family tradition and ran off to marry a hardworking pastry maker who rejected the family’s longstanding values of greed, power, and political control. Much to the shame of his in-laws, Manjula Samosa managed to build up a legitimate empire of pastry shops across the galaxy selling tasty, potato and curry filled pasties all bearing his name.

The first-born daughter of this shameful and law-abiding leg in her family’s notorious, infamous history, Kyle grew up in the City of Spires a wealthy, privileged, and well-educated daughter of a newly minted nobleman. She was determined to prove her family branch’s capacity for villainy and evil-doing, however. She enrolled at a young age in all the most rigorous science and technology classes, failed Ethics and Morality I through IV, and trained weekly with a vocal coach to reach just the right timber of for her evil laugh.

When she reached adolescence, Kyle was invited by her mother’s family to move to her uncle’s home on the dark side of the planet as an honored “guest.” Kyle jumped at the chance to finally introduce herself to her extended family: a dream she had long thought impossible because of her father’s legality and philanthropy. The circumstances of her stay, of course, were merely a thin guise to keep her father in check in case anything altruistic on Master Samosa’s part became a threat to The Family’s nefarious reputation. Any untoward philanthropy could easily have resulted in a threat against Kyle’s life. But Kyle thrived on the ever-constant blaster trained at her throat. The cut throat competition and the heavy-handed, gangster politics were as she had always dreamed of. It did not take long for her uncle to recognize her sincere dedication to the family’s core values. Multiple successful poisonings of his children, and in one instance, the seemingly effortless takeover of a drug ring he had given to his son to oversee quickly ingratiated the sharp-eyed, wild-haired girl to her maternal relatives and earned her the nickname Synox for her affinity and fondness for poison.

In her late adolescent years Kyle attended the University of Coruscant and participated in multiple secret societies as well as the University’s highest honors program, graduating egregia cum laude at the age of 18. She then went on to apprentice herself to a local drug lord before finally inheriting her own castle on her third uncle’s backwater estate…

Character Questions***

Q: What do you know about this character now that s/he doesn’t yet know?
A: Kyle’s galaxy-conquering efforts to produce giant Ewok warriors in order to distill their Force presence is likely doomed to failure, but it is not as ridiculously outrageous as it initially appears. After all, if Force powers are based on midichlorian count in a creature, then boiling down those ridiculous buggers into a super smoothie oughta do the trick. Stands to reason, don’t it?

Q: What is this character’s greatest flaw?
A: Kyle doesn’t have just one great flaw, she arguably has an entire catalogue of them. In fact, she may already have an indexed catalogue of her flaws, packaged it in nerf hide, and attempted to sell it as a self help book for the less ambitiously challenged on the shop. Naturally, the book was quickly banned by over-sensitive Imperial censors but gained an unusual following amongst space-faring Rodians.

Q: What do you know about this character that s/he would never admit?
A: That there could be the possibility of her failure. In anything.

Q: What is this character’s greatest asset?
A: Kyle is brimming with intelligence. It’s so watery, in fact, that it’s spilled over into inanimate objects on several occasions and caused small floods in the laboratory. Kyle’s the sort of properly sensible villain who flushes their enemies into out space, cremates the remains, and scatters it across a star system just in case. She’s always thinking about the next plot turn around the corner, and likely has already hired bodyguards to meet her there for protection.

Q: If this character could choose a different identity, who would s/he be?
A: Who in the world would want to be a different person?

Q: What music does this character sing to when no one else is around?
A: Kyle, had she lived on Earth-that-was, would be a big fan of bands like Apocalyptica (a cello rock band from Helsinki, Finland). She enjoys the seeming dissonance of blending classical and popular methods.

Q: In what or whom does this character have the greatest faith?
A: Kyle is an unshakable believer in the Power of Self. Me. And I.

Q: What is this character’s favorite food? Why?
A: Kylla’s quite fond of the steaks at the Epicurian Hutt.* Top specials this week include Nerf Strip Steak—Buy one get your second entree half off.

*Samosa owned and gungan operated

Q: Does this character have a favourite article of clothing?
A: Labcoats with lots of pockets. White is too easy to get dirty, so something dark and leather would be good.

Q: Does this character have a vice? Name it.
A: She’s a particular fan of Pride, Greed, and Envy, but usually doesn’t have chit-chat time for Sloth, Lust, Anger, or Gluttony.

Q: Name this character’s favourite person (living or dead).
A: Herself. Maybe her granddad. But herself would be a close second if that were the case.

Q: What is this character’s secret wish?
A: To be oh-so-pretty and gay (happy) and eat her father’s pastries all day.

Kyle Samosa

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