Zuura Kaipen


Zuura Kaipen, a female Falleen, was the Loose Cannon Pirates’ leader. Warm for a Falleen, she also had an intense personality and could be absolutely ruthless. She deposed the Loose Cannons’ former leader, Morn Renai, taking him as a lover and a thrall. She controlled Morn and let him serve as a figurehead, suspecting the other pirates would refuse to take orders from a Falleen, and a female.

Eventually the other pirates confronted her, told her they knew what was going on, and demanded she drop the charade with Morn. She prepared for a fight, but was surprised to find that the Cannons had realized her leadership style suited them better than Morn’s and demanded that Zuura take command. Though she didn’t love Morn, Zuura refused to kill him, and insisted he stay on as second-in-command or she would break off and take along whoever wanted to join her. All the other pirates quickly came around.

She went missing after the crew of the [[:Mandalore’s Pride]] killed most of her pirates and drove her from her base. She narrowly escaped with her life in the Assault Transport [[:Silk Two]].

Zuura Kaipen

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