The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 21
In Which It's The Little Things That Get You.

On the ship the Dusty Dianoga. It has piping all along the walls. An engineering station is partway along the first floor.

We’ve stashed Commander Xarren next to the bantha. The bantha is slightly smaller than normal. It’s on a nice rug for comfort.

Dr. Samosa searches for secret compartments. The chandelier seems weird, though. It resembles a courier droid. Hey, it is one! It moves upon discovery.

Xarren is still tied up. Adenn previously relieved him of his weapons. Xarren wiggles toward the forward cabins. Nimble misses punching the droid. Benmar and Adenn decide to wait and see what it does. The droid moves away from the crowd. It launches a stun grenade, which hits everyone but Carn and Feigren. Dr. Samosa is hurt badly.

Benmar misses an attack. Adenn chooses to flee behind the bantha. Feigren hears the noise of the grenade and goes upstairs to see what’s happening. She peeks up the stairs, but sees only Adenn and the bantha. Adenn says the droid attacked. A peek around the bannister lets Feigren see the droid.

Nimble moves around to flank the droid. It tries to use a taser on Nimble, but misses. Adenn goes to grapple with the droid. Xarren inches toward the cabin. Kyle frisks the old man. She finds a remote in his pantleg. Feigren ducks back downstairs to find thrown weapons. She finds a cable and a square of metal sheeting. The droid resets its taser and successfully uses it on Adenn. Then it flies downstairs. Adenn and Feigren both miss it as it goes past. The droid continues to evade attacks. Xarren makes it into the crew quarters. He’s still tied up, but sees his weapons on the bed.

Nimble hides in a corner. The droid moves and shoots at Adenn with a sniper blaster and hits. Feigren finds a metal pipe, and swings and misses at the droid. The old man declines to give the password to Kyle, so she shoots his bum.

Nimble confirms the droid is gone and retreats to the wall where it plugs into a droid socket. The giant lift starts to lower with the bantha and Drayke Peacegiver. The droid still manages to evade attacks. Feigren runs upstairs and yells at folks to unplug the droid from the wall. Dr. Samosa attempts to hack the remote. Nimble hops onto the lowering lift, then onto the lower floor. He misses the droid, though.

The droid opens the inner airlocks, and the outer ones a crack. Air starts to rush out and pulls people towards the airlocks. Benmar goes downstairs and fails to stab the droid. Adenn calls Carn to close the airlocks. He then throws the probe at the droid, but misses. Drayke falls off the lift and struggles futilely. Feigren struggles to stay inside and calls for Carn to close the doors. Kyle hacks into the remote, but it tries to shock her.

Episode 20
In Which The Gang Gets Back To The Task At Hand.

Carn loots the humanoid-shaped droid, with big eyes, like a bug, and puts the head in a laundry bag. The processor is medium to medium-slow in Star Wars terms. Carn looks at the room’s electronic safe. Sadly, the numeric keypad is more of a probability game versus technical. Adenn uses a Force point to open the safe to no avail.

Notsub Company uses Dorinian Medtech Group for health insurance, according to their site. Armanda has been the CEO for the past 10 “years.” Maltsett insures the actual employees. Notsub probably has the deluxe package. The crew person is currently in surgery, and won’t be available for about an hour and a half. Feigren and Benmar exit for “tea.”

After a call to Dr. Samosa, Feigren is charged with looking at the current list of ships to find an alternate. The new plan is to monkey with station security to steal a ship. One of the new ships is an Imperial refueling frigate; one is the Queen Alenari, a passenger liner. The pathfinder racing yacht has left, the corvette is being repaired, a GS100 salvage ship, slow; and a few hobbyist fighter ships; and a Citadel cruiser registered to Drayk Peacegiver.

Dr. Samosa trashes Armanda’s room to make it look vandalized. There is a final push to open the room safe. Kyle uses her laser to cut through the bolts and the plate that covers them. They retrieve another datapad from the safe. Kyle loots a pretty necklace and earring set.

Everyone goes to rendezvous at the skanky hotel room, except Nimble, who doesn’t know. Carn looks up Drayk Peacegiver on the holonet. He’s the Abbot of the Dim-U religion. The plan is to get a shipping crate, fill it with a giant smoke grenade, put it in the Citadel cruiser’s neighboring bay, set it off, and steal the cruiser. The crate is 150 credits. Materials are 300 credits.

Adenn, Benmar, and Kyle build a giant smoke grenade in the crate. Feigren and Nimble head down to the dock to case it. They pose as couple of tourists. Feigren talks to a dock worker. She gets him behind some crates and distracts him while Nimble knocks him unconscious. They strip and loot him. They take his uniform and com link. Nimble takes the uniform to Dr. Samosa. Feigren heads for the hallway. She passes some trandoshans in the hallway. Although they have a reputation for violence, nothing happens.

Adenn gets to wear the coverall. Everyone moves to the hallway area. Adenn sets up the crate. Carn hijacks the local security system from the hallway. Xarren is wrapped to look like a carpet or something. We are in the hallway. We wait for the explosion, then board the ship.

Dr. Samosa overcomes the pilot, and we all leave the station. The salvage ship leaves in a big hurry, and has 4 fighters chase it. Adenn pilots the Citadel cruiser, Void Angel.

The station hails Void Angel, complaining about the sudden departure. Feigren claims distress about the disturbance in the next bay. Carn fails to change the computer convincingly enough, in that they watch him change the record under their noses. Oops. The station’s fighters turn from the jumped salvage to us. Adenn uses the ship’s coordinates for Umbarra, and we escape the fighters.

Void Angel has no coordinates to Biimisaari. Carn searches for a way to change the ship’s registration. This ship has a mechanism to change the registration, Carn discovers. We change the ship to The Dusty Dianoga, belonging to Trask Nelesko, a Biim. This ship has 3 engines, each registered separately. The third option is the Braying Bantha.

The Dusty Dianoga has coordinates to Biimasaari. We flip a u-turn, and head back. The route is Torn Station, Kashyyyk, Balmac, Charos, and Biimisaari.

Nimble, Benmar, Carn, and Feigren loot the ship while Adenn reviews security footage. Starboard side crew room is full of bantha feed fore and aft. The Port side crew room also has feed fore, but a small bedroom aft. The dresser holds a datapad, a comlink, and blaster pistol. Nimble claims all the items, but allows Carn to copy files from the datapad. There is a powered-down servant droid in a turbo lift. Carn takes charge of it.

Episode 19
In Which Mysterious And Wealthy Women Are Very Distracting.

Dr. Samosa loots one of the ganks. She takes his fancy rifle and liquid cable dispenser. She cuts off his mask, and removes his implants. She also removes the gold filling from one of his trophy teeth. She’s very excited about her find. Feigren hands her a bar towel to clean up.

Carn searches the other gank. He gets a blaster rifle adorned with grisly trophies. Carn cuts off the gank’s arm to get off a metal bracelet with blinking lights. He also finds a suite room key, a 19 cm code cylinder, and a hair necklace with a small (4 cm) alien figurine tucked inside.

Nimble loots the chevin to get a blaster carbine in a large holster, gaudy red ring, and credit pouch with two credits. He also finds mesh tape, a flask with a mysterious liquid, and an oversized vacuum mask. Adenn demands the mesh tape, but Nimble refuses. The chevin is also wearing a small sense plate connected by small wires. Nimble takes it.

Adenn is keeping watch. When he hears stormtroopers approach, the gang disperses from the carnage. Carn and Adenn go to the other end of the bar, have a drink, and discuss cheese at length. Dr. Samosa and Feigren leave for a shopping expedition. Nimble carries the fainted Commander Xarren off. Benmar also leaves. Everyone tactfully waits to let the stormtroopers pass before slipping off.

Dr. Samosa offers Benmar and his “pet,” (aka Nimble) a job. He accepts. She suggests pay will include room and board for Benmar and his pet. She has Benmar go off on recon with Adenn and Carn.

The station has a bar, a trading outpost, a medical facility, an entertainment facility, and a barber salon. A couple of clothing shops, a small fabrication shop, a botanical garden, a gym, a massage parlor, and a casino. Carn goes to browse in the trading post. He, Adenn, and co., mosey off to the hotel facilities. They find the hotel where the gank was staying, but end up giving up the suite key. They head toward the medical facility. They find and book a cheap hotel room in the lower levels, spending 35 credits.

Dr. Samosa and Feigren visit clothing shops. They catch up on events by describing them as “holovids.” They seek for the places Armanda shops. At one shop, Dr. Samosa plays socialite and demands to see clothing Armana has on hold. After Feigren pusuades the clerk, she looks up Armanda’s data and brings out a dress. Dr. Samosa continues to fuss and has Feigren go with the clerk to the back room to search for the “correct” item, while she looks up info on Armanda on the terminal.

Carn and co., enter the hotel room. Commander Xarren gets dumped on the bed. Nimble takes a much-needed shower. Carn searches the room for bugs while having an innocuous conversation with Adenn about cheese. Neither Carn nor Adenn find any. Carn keeps looking, though… Eventually, they leave the Commander in the room to go find Dr. Samosa.

Dr. Samosa and Feigren leave the shop with an address in hand and go shopping for medical supplies. Dr. Samosa buys a hypospray and syringes. They hit a liquor store for ingredients for chemical cocktails. (I say they, but Dr. Samosa has all the knowledge about this.)

Carn & co, rendezvous with Dr. Samosa and Feigren. They all return to the hotel room. The plan is to have The Outer Rim Star investigate the rash of pirate attacks in the area. Benmar, Feigren, and Nimble will research the Corellian corvette. Dr. Samosa, Adenn, and Carn will investigate at the local corporate office of Notsub shipping. Arnthout is the corvette’s name.

Feigren interviews one of the techs. The attacks are primarily energy weapons, such as laser cannons. There have been a fair number of them, but not over stressful for the crews. It will take another two days to finish repairs. The crew doesn’t want to do an interview, so Feigren and crew are loitering hopefully outside the ship. Feigren has Benmar take pictures of the ship, and Nimble is standing watch.

Dr. Samosa goes to the hotel where Armanda is staying and arranges an interview with “Bob” of The Outer Rim Star, and Armanda in the lobby. Dr. Samosa and Carn sneak around to find a spare room key and do recon on the locking mechanisms. Dr. Samosa cuts her way into a room to order room service. The room service guy resists, with a holdout pistol, but eventually goes down. Carn dons his uniform and takes the guest key to reprogram it. He is successful.

Dr. Samosa stages the employee to look like he rampaged the room. There is nothing of value in the room.

After a long wait, Armanda approaches Feigren to inquire about her business. She’s not pleased to be accosted by another reporter from The Outer Rim Star. Feigren does sweet talk her way into getting an interview with a crew member.

Feigren interviews Carlity, pilot of the Arnthout. He reports a slightly smaller ship, heavily modified, attacking them. It had a docking clamp, and jamming array. The pirates were largely human, but also a gran, a cathar, a knucknog, and others he didn’t know. Ten pirates overpowered the mostly defenseless crew. One crew was seriously injured, and several others wounded. They were healed with Bacta and medical treatments. The pirates had blaster rifles.

Pirate captain was human, slender, with dark black hair. She wore a flight suit, jacket, and large blaster. They spoke only basic. The Arnthout was carrying technical parts, which the pirates took. Armanda is impatient for the interview to finish.

Dr. Samosa meets up with Carn and Adenn. She’s disappointed that the interview didn’t take very long. Kyle decides to take some of the clothes from the room she looted, and have Adenn deliver them to Armanda’s suite. They call up, to see if the room is empty. It is not.

Armanda has Feigren wrap up the interview. Feigren and co, stealthily linger. Armanda comes off the ship. Feigren’s team trails her. At the center of the hub, Armanda turns into a salon. Nimble goes off to sell the rifle and holster. Feigren tries to figure out what to do next.

A quick check-in with Dr. Samosa has Nimble following Armanda, while Feigren and Benmir head to the medical center to interview the injured crewman, or medical staff. The plan is to still steal the ship, even in its injured state. If it flew into the station, it can fly out again.

Kyle engages the plan. Adenn is to deliver the clothes and assess the situation. If there are more than two, he is not to ambush them. The door opens to one humanoid-shaped droid. Adenn gives it the clothes and attacks the droid.

Combat! The droid grabs a blade. Adenn grabs the other blade. Kyle and Carn charge into the room. The blades are vibro-swords. Adenn and the robot exchange blows. Kyle searches the suite. She finds a datapad. She loots business records, and attempts to break into the room safe. Adenn eventually drops the droid.

Nimble peeks into the salon to find Armanda gone. Hmm. Feigren and Benmar head to the medical facility. Feigren poses as a claims adjuster to see the crewmember of the Arnthout. They are told to wait for an appointment.

Episode 18
In Which Cantinas Are Great Places To Make New Friends!

Victory 3 is given permission to dock at starboard hangar. Adenn is landing the ship. Carn, Feigren, and Adenn debark the ship. Adenn is disguised as a stormtrooper. He escorts an “ill” Feigren, and a concerned Carn off the ship. They lock the ship.

People notice Dr. Samosa wandering around the station. She is followed by the tall, arrogant pilot, Commander Xarren. She has hired him as a tour guide for 5 credits. He knows everything about Torn Station (natural 20). Dr. Samosa wants dirt on station managers. She also wants to hire new lackeys.

Benmar discovers a smelly wookie (Nimble) hiding around the corner. He has shorn his fur to a short level. He is the wookie Kyle teamed up with on Kashyyyk Station. Nimble shouts at Benmar. They can both notice Dr. Samosa acting silly while looking at the corvette.

Adenn asks for info about Dr. Samosa at the cantina. Feigren decides to look for Dr. Samosa playing the tourist. They decide to to look at the more expensive hangers. Feigren gets directions from a local kraglamoid, and Benmar.

Yay! Happy reunion. Benmar and Nimble tag along. We return to the cantina. Nimble gets there first. Dr. Samosa asks after luxury accommodations, and sends Commander Xarren with Adenn and Carn to investigate. Before hand, she briefs Adenn and Carn as to their real mission: to case out the Notsub Corp., and get dirt so she can steal their corvette. Nimble hides nearby the cantina and observes the party.

Suddenly blaster fire erupts in the cantina. Adenn and Commander Xarren are both hit. A chevin is shooting at Adenn, and two ganks shoot at Commander Xarren. Nimble attacks the chevin. One gank drops Commander Xarren, and they stalk towards his prone body. Benmar joins the attack of the chevin. Carn flees to hide behind the band. The wookie bartender hops over the bar with a pipe and grimly heads toward chevin. Dr. Samosa hops behind the bar to make smoke bombs.

The bar patrons flee for the exits. Nimble spots the chevin, but misses his shot. The chevin misses his shot at Adenn. One gank deflects Benmar’s martial attack. Adenn misses the other gank. Carn turns one speaker up and places a mic in front of it. Feigren misses the other gank. The wookie bartender turns back towards the bar and Dr. Samosa. She sees the bartender coming, hops back over the bar, and tosses her smoke bombs. The smoke conceals Dr. Samosa, Feigren, and Commander Xarren.

Adenn has a new battle cry, “Who ordered death?” Carn uses his blaster to cause feedback between the speaker and the mike. He also manages to hit the chevin. Everyone takes feedback damage, and the smoke is blown away by the sound waves. Feigren uses the clearer area to shoot and wound the second gank. The bartender runs toward the chevin. Dr. Samosa stabilizes Commander Xarren, and he improves.

Nimble charges a gank, but misses. The chevin misses Adenn. The gank slashes at Benmar, but misses. The other gank’s gun blows up in his hand. Benmar drops a random bar patron. Commander Xarren gets his second wind. The chevin hits Adenn. One gank advances toward Xarren, the other attacks Nimble, and wounds him. Benmar drops the first gank. Adenn slashes the other gank well. Nimble advances on the second gank.

The chevin throws a ranged stun grenade. It hits the gank, Adenn, the bartender, and Nimble, but he evades. The gank and the bartender go down, stunned. Adenn hits the chevin. The chevin is well armored and easy to miss. sigh The chevin turns and runs, but Benmar drops him. Whew!

Episode 17
In Which The Gang Journeys To Torn Station.

After issuing the ultimatum, the Victory 3’s crew discusses. Carn is trying to bring up an audio feed. Eventually the crew surrenders. We tie them up and stash them in the rear airlock. Carn will work the computers so we can drop out of hyperspace and turn around to rescue Dr. Samosa. We strip troopers and crew of weapons, tools, and cash. We don’t want them to do anything sneaky.

Dr. Samosa gets a nice frigate for a transport ship. She showers. The stormtroopers force her to shower with the door open, so she sings opera badly for as long as she can.

Adenn, Carn, and Feigren decide to return to the Imperial station to tap into computer for intel on Kyle’s status.

Torn Station is primarily a refueling station. Upon arrival at the station, Kyle plays “American tourist.” Her plan is to scam a ship out of a rich tourist, and hire a new bodyguard, since hers isn’t here. She accesses a computer to check on the Imperial shuttle and look for a cool ship to steal.

Aboard the Victory 3, they return to Kashyyyk to query Dr. Samosa’s status. Adenn successfully tricks station into thinking nothing is wrong. We learn that Dr. Samosa’s been shipped to Torn Station. Thus Victory 3 turns around and heads for the station.

Kyle enters the cantina, The Sith’s Head. She’s still playing “American tourist.” She chats up a rich-looking female mark.

Human noble, Commander Xarren, inquires of the local info merchant after a job. The merchant suggests he find out about Kyle. They meet. Kyle’s current name is Xsa Xsa. Armanda of Notsub Corp. is the “mark.” Notsub is the largest shipping company of Tattooine.

Commander Xarren offers his bodyguard services. Kyle sidesteps the offer. Armanda leaves. Kyle also leaves to seek out the recently arrived Corelian corvette. It is an hour late. Xarren follows, so Kyle hires him as “tour guide.”

As they arrive upon the dock of the corvette, the crew indicates that the ship was attacked by pirates, and their cargo stolen. Armanda is the ship’s owner. Four of the crew have debarked the corvette. It’s been roughed up by the attack. Kyle memorizes the crew faces. Armanda doesn’t seem as surprised or upset as she should.

Onboard the Victory 3, Feigren works to persuade the captain to give codes and information to help with the landing. It doesn’t work, although he’s no longer hostile. Carn works to break the codes in the computer. Eventually, they find the landing cylinder codes. They formulate a plan for landing.

Commander Xarren notices another ship that drops out of hyperspace. It is the Imperial shuttle. Victory 3 successfully transmits codes and hopefully bluffs the frigate.

Next time: happy reunion.

Episode 16
In Which The Crew Explores Unsavory Things In Differing Ways.

Dr. Samosa blows a hole in the refresher grate big enough to dive through, and with only minor damage.

The transport will arrive in approx 15 mins.

Carn and Feigren discover that the cargo hasn’t been checked yet, and is being held in space, among a collection of cargo containers because the station doesn’t have the holding capacity.

After Dr. Samosa’s explosion, Adenn, Feigren and Carn are escorted all together to a different cell.

Dr. Samosa ends up in the sewage cistern. After a bumpy ride through the solids conveyor, she ends up in the area where solids are compacted into cargo containers. Using the power prybar, Dr. Samosa pries open a maintenance hatch and crawls into it. She closes the door after her. It’s a little warped.

Walking through the corridors, Dr. Samosa ends up on the ring area, where she encounters some troops. After gravity hijinx in the dumbwaiter/reorientator, she runs into a naval trooper. He shoots her in surprise. They scuffle. Although injured, Dr. Samosa pushes him into the jinxed dumbwaiter.

Feigren tries to hint at Carn and Adenn at a plan to hijack the Imperial transport, but neither picks up on it.

Dr. Samosa runs down the hall towards a lift and takes it down. She comes upon a droid-run work station. She also hijinxes this lift, since it, too, does gravity rotation.

The Corporal returns to the cell to escort the “survivors” to the shuttle. Feigren convinces him to wait another 15 minutes for Dr. Samosa’s remains.

Dr. Samosa convinces a droid that she’s a sewage maintenance contractor. She follows strange noises to find a wookie hiding in an electronics bay. They team up.

The Corporal returns to tell of Dr. Samosa’s escape. She will be arrested when found.

Meanwhile, Dr. Samosa determines that the cargo is safe and unscanned. She alters the records so that the containers read as already scanned, an urgent shipment to Bimmasaari of concrete. She also corrupts her personnel file.

The troopers discover and capture Kyle and the wookie. They return the pair to cells. Feigren, Adenn, and Carn are escorted to the troop shuttle. Dr. Samosa will receive a trial before being shuttled to the Kessel spice mines.

Dr. Samosa’s lawyer gets her off with a fine of 9500 credits. She gets a nice shuttle with 8 stormtroopers which will take her to Torn Station to rejoin her crew.

On the troop shuttle, Feigren unsuccessfully tries to romance a stormtrooper. Plan B involves martial arts and hacking. Carn hacks the computer to make sure we don’t drop out of hyperspace early. He also locks the crew out of the compartment, and locks the crew out of the computer. Feigren disables a stormtrooper and Adenn takes three out before dropping the fourth.

Feigren ties up the stormtroopers before she and Carn retreat to the computer room for sniper action. Adenn will bluff the crew when the door opens. But first, Feigren issues an ultimatum over the intercom: Surrender or Die.

Episode 15
In Which Necessity Is The Mother Of A New Media Outlet - The Outer Rim Star.

The AZZ3: Night on Zeltros arrives 50k out from Kashyyyk station, and 4k out from the now derelict Imperial cargo ship that holds Progg’s cargo.

We make preparations to move the cargo. Blue pulls within 30m of the derelict freighter. We are joined by a DX9 Imperial Transport, which can have a crew of 3, plus up to 20 Stormtroopers. The DX9 is accompanied by 2 tie fighters.

Adenn and Feigren pose as reporters for The Outer Rim Star, a tabloid, we just invented. Carn is faking a website for the paper, and history of articles. Adenn and Feigren are doing recon only at this point. We will not be transferring cargo yet.

Feigren jumps across the void with the rope hitched to the cargo elevator. She hitches it to a solid piece of metal on the derelict. Adenn makes it across and inside the derelict.

Adenn recons. The cargo is still on the freighter. There is a strange piece of junk floating near ship that is not of the ship. Feigren ties the rope to Adenn, so he can retreive the strange debris. Feigren tries to find if the remaining laser cannon has power and works by heading to the cockpit of the freighter. Feigren gets space sick, but makes it into the cockpit.

Carn finishes the website, and tries to listen to the official Imperial bands to find out what they’re up to. There is nothing to hear.

Adenn misses grabbing the object. He uses his jetpack to try again. He succeeds and takes the object back to the AZZ3. Feigren finds the Starboard cannon still works. She dictates an article to Carn. Dr. Samosa walks Feigren through the cannon controls.

Feigren then locates the freight elevator, partially damaged and seeks a way to manually open the door for it. She gets it open.

Adenn finds a logo on the debris, and research shows it to be the logo of the Shell Hutts. It is the same logo as on the banner recovered from the pirate base.

Blue moves the AZZ3 to 10m from freighter. The Imperials have noticed us. Feigren suggests a setup to move a crate from the freighter to the AZZ3 for “journalistic inquiry.” The crates are too big to move well. Feigren and Adenn prepare to return to the AZZ3. Adenn makes it safely, but Feigren misses the door when she jumps. She finally gets inside, as they’re moving away from the derelict, but still is space sick.

The slicer team works on scanning the Imperial ship. It is the Kashyyyk Sigma 3. The AZZ3 rubbernecks the recovery team.

Back on board, Feigren discovers the Shell Hutt tie in. She tries to remember the social workings of the Hutts and where Progg fits in. Progg belongs to the Desilijic clan (same as Jabba). The Desilijic and Shell clans have no particular issue.

Dr. Samosa wants to get onto the station to find a way to retrieve the cargo. While trying to figure out a way on board, A Night on Zeltros is ordered by the Imperials to stand down and be boarded.

Everyone except Blue is manacled and escorted into adjoining cells. A flunkie individually interviews us. We pose as innocent reporters. After questioning, we are released, and the Urgesh is the only one detained.

While waiting for a transport shuttle, Dr. Samosa sets a bomb in the cell toilet, but remains locked inside. Feigren and Carn persuade a Corporal to let them use a computer for “fact-checking.” However, Feigren is insufficiently distracting to the corporal while Carn hacks in to the holonet. When busted, Carn plans to talk his way out of it.

Episode 14
In Which A Ship Falls Into The Crew's Lap.

Glastro is the capital of Bimmisaari. Bigger ships land on platforms outside city walls.

Adenn in charge of finding fast ship to steal. Carn hacks into local network. He saves all login info. Dr. Samosas decides to steal the Bacta freighter. During ship system hack, we receive scrambled audio file communique. Inserted trojan into communique. Carn traces “Urgesh” w/ slicer team. The ship is the azz3 freighter, Night on Zeltros. The captain is Sash Ack, a Zebrak. Kyle changed their passwords.

Adenn and Feigren set to steal the Bacta ship. On board, we confront captain and copilot. They’ve had 2 tons of bacta stolen by a scoundrel. Dr. Samosas wants a quick resolution, so Adenn goes physical. He takes the Duros captain down. The Mon Cal copilot sabotages the ship control panel and knocks herself out. Feigren cuffs the Mon Cal.

Kyle’s party meets Urgesh under the Bacta ship. A friendly encounter before she boards the ship to assess the situation. Feigren meets with the Urgesh to improve relations. Urgesh offers the services of Night on Zeltros. Adenn and Carn search the ship. Carn takes 20 credits. There a lot of medical supplies. Adenn searches for parts. Carn searches for clues about the missing Bacta.

The Urgesh is called Blue. He has modified the azz3 to better accomodate his plant nature. It’s like a swamp. On board, a blurg is miserable in the humidity. Blue wants to go back to Urgeshuie. Apparently Urgesh power a living spaceship. Blue’s ship and fellow crew were killed by pirates. Sash, the ship’s proper owner, wandered off at Bonedan spaceport SE2. Will try to return ship to Sash, once he’s made it home.

We are sharing the ship with Blue. Port side pods reconfigured for humanoid comfort. Blue offers Feigren Kaloob liqueur to refresh her system. Humanoids react badly to it, though. While Feigren did feel refreshed afterwards, the removal of all toxins from her system was messy and unpleasant.

The plan is to travel in reverse toward Kwenn station seeking the Imperial Freighter. 1st stop is Charos. They’re not there. Next is Balmak. Not here. Next stop Kashik. The freighter stopped at Kashik. Carn is trying to determine where they went next. They never left, apparently. The freighter is damaged; vented to space. The life pods launched. An article 18 hours ago reports the attack. Imperial salvage operations usually take within 10-20 hours. So time to check the cargo is limited.

Carn and Feigren will use spacesuits to visit the freighter. Adenn will rig up a pulley to ferry back crates.

Episode 13
In Which The Plan Goes All To Hell, But The Gang Forges On Anyway.

Dr. Samosas had Carn develop a hail call to include a trojan horse to remote control other ships. All future hails from Mandalore’s Pride will include this.

After some hilarious and complicated maneuvers in Episode 20, the Imperial freighter has Progg’s containers safely on board. Freighter came under fire from low-lifes. Progg has charged Mandalore’s Pride with making sure the freighter cargo makes it to Bimmisaari safely.

Unfortunately, the Mandalore’s Pride is slower than the freighter. In straight hops we’ll fall behind, be we can beat the freighter to Bimmisaari if we take a pirate route. We’ll try to get the freighter to hire us as guards, but failing that, try the pirate route.

Once we get to Bimmisaari, we need to move cargo from drop spot to work the exchange. We have no contact person on Bimmisaari. Carn fakes records of how long Mandalore Pride’s been at Ubrickian to convince freighter we’re reputable mercs.

We failed to convince freighter to hire us, but we can see their computers, with the trojan. Mandalore’s Pride takes the shorter route to Bimmisaari. Unfortunately, the hyper drive conks out upon arrival. We arrived ahead of the freighter by 9 hours.

Adenn will repair drive. Droid will monitor channels. Carn, Dr. Samosas, and Feigren form a landing party. Adenn not doing well, taken off repairs.

Land at public docks. Rented 2 spaces, 1 for us, 1 for swap. Adenn and Feigren go to drop address to find contacts. After knocking, we are nabbed by poncho clad figures. Basic contacts are exchanged. After ditching the tail at the market, Adenn and Feigren return to the dock.

Carn works on setting up camera loops. All transports use a centralized repair area.

The plan is to sabotage the Imperial docking facility so that the incoming freighter must dock in our public dock. After coaching, Feigren successfully sneaks into the Imperial facility, and sabotages the lights.

The freighter is overdue. It hasn’t checked in along the route or here.

Episode 12
In Which The Gang Switches Some Boxes With Some Other Boxes.

Kwenn Station Cargo BayThis session began with the crew of the Mandalore’s Pride debating how best to carry out the task given to them by Progg the Hutt: switch thirty of Progg’s cargo containers with thirty identical Imperial cargo containers containing foodstuffs and trade goods.

Progg wants the Empire to ship his cargo to Bimmisaari for him, since switching out the cargo after it’s been scanned at its departure point and before it’s scanned at its destination point is the safest way to ensure the cargo arrives safely without being searched by customs officials.


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