The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 1 (Introduction)
In Which The Gang Gets A Job.

Samosas CastleTHE NOTE WAS tacked to the door of Kyle Samosa’s castle. It said, simply, “I need a good geneticist! I can pay. Please meet me tomorrow at noon in the White Sands Cantina. You know where it is! Signed, Bof.”

Promising, she supposed.

It was a fine warm day, just like the day before it, but Kyle was not disposed to venture out of doors. No, not at all. There was plenty of work to be done here in the aging Samosas Keep. Strategies of galactic conquest just didn’t plan themselves. Pity, that.
Still, one couldn’t very well ignore a lucrative contract-and in the area of her expertise, no less.

Episode 2
In Which The Gang Gets Waylaid By Pirates.

The second session began with the discovery of reedug narcotic dissolved in the water barrels the group had been hired to transport to Progg’s cronies on Kwenn Station. Content Not Found: kyle-samosas and 4-7X2-1B came up with a way to extract the narcotic, render it chemically inert, and eventually re-constitute the drug for resale.

Silk 1
Modular Conveyor nobg
Silk 2
However, just a few hours into the hyperspace journey, the crew found the Mandalore’s Pride pulled back into realspace, with several ships heading towards them:

Episode 3
In Which The Gang Meets Dekar.

Adenn, Kyle, Ri’lek, and Carn woke up to find themselves in a prison cell. It was about 5 meters square with one very sturdy looking door that had no apparent control on the inside. There was a single fluorescent strip light in the ceiling and, either the cell was sound proof or the facility outside was very quiet…

After about half an hour, the cell door shot open with a whoosh, and in the doorway stood the jailor. He was human and carried two buckets of some sort of mushy substance. He also had a blaster rifle and a shock baton on his belt. He stepped inside and plonked one bucket on the ground. “Enjoy your meal, it’ll probably be your last for a while,” he sneered.

Adenn took action and tackled the guard, incapacitating him. Adenn found a keycard on the guard’s belt.

Episode 4
In Which Dr. Samosa Hits A Pirate With The Leg Of An R2 Unit.

Dr. Samosas went exploring more, found the bathroom, and a utility closet, where she obtained an R2 leg. The rest of the party fought some pirates in lounge. 4-7X2-1B, who was left behind on the Mandalore’s Pride, managed to activate and left the ship to search for the rest of the crew. He encountered a pirate (or more) and attempted to sedate. Was shot (or otherwise disabled) by a pirate, who began to drag him towards the turbolift to take him downstairs. Dr. Samosas took the northern turbolift up to level 1 (hangar), found a pirate dragging 4-7X, and knocked him out with the R2 leg. Dr. Samosas went back downstairs. The rest of the party had killed the pirates they were fighting and managed to secure a terminal (in medical bay or armory?). By combining chemicals with fire extinguishing foam, managed to gas some pirates coming up from the lower levels in the southern turbolift.

Episode 5
In Which Carn Gets A "Girlfriend."

Found Pete at beginning of session in jail cells on level 4. Went up to level 3, got into armory & found more weapons, fought through entertainment room where there were pirates playing games & watching a holomovie. Secured bar and got alcohol for injecting into pirates. Captured & secured medical bay. no pirates. science stuff in medical bay. Chris & Kyle were in the medical bay while others explored cafeteria, began to eat, went back to the lounge & got ambushed by pirates, People took cover, Neil really couldn’t shoot one pirate, she got called his “girlfriend.” Pete, Neil & Rags retreated to cafeteria, while Adenn stayed in the lounge. Taking cover in the doorway between the lounge & cafeteria, using doors as cover. rushed to coffee table, hid behind, got 20 on Alex and shot him. Everyone got shot, then Dr. Samosas sent Chris, returned from medical bay to try to help by injecting pirates, also got shot & went offline. Adenn was going to use his vibroblade, but everyone else managed to shoot down the last of the pirates. captured 2 prisoners, one of which was Bara, Neil’s “GF.”

Episode 6
In Which Dekar Goes Missing.

Dekar released from his cell? Dekar goes “exploring” with the party on level 4, including in Dekar’s own quarters (he seemed a little nervous, but he was trying not to let on that it was his room). Dekar snuck off while everyone was exploring. Shortly thereafter, the party found a closet with a trapdoor and a pole leading down into darkness but decided to investigate it later. Parts of the base began to shut down.

Episode 7
In Which Adenn Blows Dekar Up

Adenn saw a Gand sneaking around level 4. The Gand motioned for him to follow, and they crawled through a vent on level 4 and got into one of the specimen labs, and let the rest of the party in. Dr. Samosas decided to give a speech about killing all the pirates and decided to let out any of the prisoners who seemed intelligent and willing to fight the pirates. Later (?) Adenn, Carn and Ri’lek chased Dekar down a hole and Adenn blew up his escape pod with a miniature thermal detonator, wrecking its engines and causing it to spiral into the side of a hill, nearly killing Dekar. Adenn got them out of the hole by “borrowing” Carn’s jetpack. More exploring on level 4.

Episode 8
In Which The Gang Has A Big Battle With Pirates.

Final battle w rest of pirates in hangar bay. Neil sliced into the base’s computer to take control of a turbolaser in the hangar bay. The Crew of the Mandalore’s Pride created a vacuum in the base by pumping all the atmosphere out for a few (hours?) Dekar limped back into base, severely wounded, then realized there was no atmosphere and fled. Adenn ran him down with a speeder bike, punched him out, and captured him. More exploring in the lower levels.

Episode 9
In Which The Gang Loots A Pirate Base.

In which the gang loots a pirate base.

Episode 10
In Which The Gang Breaks Into An Abandoned Pirate Ship.

In which the gang breaks into an abandoned pirate ship.


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