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Planet Cygnus
Continent None; Island of Lomost
Population Approximately 420 (down from approx. 550 before annex)
Points of Interest White Sands Cantina

Lomost Docking Bay This small town on the planet Cygnus was located on the island of Lomost, below the hill where Samosas Keep stood. Several of its buildings were located along the beach, including the White Sands Cantina, which stood barely forty meters from the surf.

Most of Lomost’s buildings were located further inland. Some of the larger buildings were built into the hillsides and roofed with dirt such that Cronniv trees could grow on top, keeping the structures cool in the sometimes-sweltering tropical heat. Many buildings were constructed of Cronniv wood and other handy materials, such as mud-brick, or thatching made from native grasses, used for roofs.

Lomost had some small starship landing spots, although most of these could hardly be called docking bays. Some were little more than simple patches of clear ground with bare facilities for refueling and equipment for conducting minor repairs. Docking Bay 3 was one such facility, and was often rented by Kyle Samosas for berthing Adenn’s ship, the Mandalore’s Pride.


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