The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Banner 2     Distracted for a moment, Adenn was slow to notice a slight dimness as someone moved into his light.
     Then he looked up and saw a familiar face. “Razor” Raamon. Progg the Hutt’s lackey. Adenn had kept out of Lomost for a while now, hoping to forestall this encounter. Now, Razor was here to try to squeeze credits from his pockets. When he can’t do that, Adenn thought, he’ll probably just try to squeeze my head.
     Razor pulled up a chair of his own and sat. “Time to pay up. You owe my boss 150,000 and he thinks it’s time for your latest payment. 10K. And he said to tell you he accepts cash or body parts, your choice.”
     “Would he accept your body parts?” Aden asked. He suddenly heard Ri’lek chuckle. There was a blaster in the Twi’lek’s hand.
     Ri’lek spoke up. “I think you should really ask yourself if that’s a wise threat to make. Some of us are spoiling for a fight today.”
     Adenn would have slapped his own forehead, but he quickly thought better of making any sudden movements. The best way to protect Kyle now was to keep silent and still…

Episode 1 (In Which The Gang Gets A Job)
Episode 2 (In Which The Gang Gets Waylaid By Pirates)
Episode 3 (In Which The Gang Meets Dekar)
Episode 4 (In Which Dr. Samosa Hits A Pirate With The Leg Of An R2 Unit)
Episode 5 (In Which Carn Gets A ‘Girlfriend’)
Episode 6 (In Which Dekar Goes Missing)
Episode 7 (In Which Adenn Blows Dekar Up)
Episode 8 (In Which The Gang Has A Big Battle With Pirates)
Episode 9 (In Which The Gang Loots A Pirate Base)
Episode 10 (In Which The Gang Breaks Into An Abandoned Pirate Ship)
Episode 11 (In Which The Gang Goes Off To See A Hutt)
and Outline of Deal With Progg the Hutt
Episode 12 (In Which The Gang Switches Some Boxes With Some Other Boxes)
Episode 13 (In Which The Plan Goes All To Hell, But The Gang Forges On Anyway)
Episode 14 (In Which A Ship Falls Into The Crew’s Lap)
Episode 15 (In Which Necessity Is The Mother Of A New Media Outlet – The Outer Rim Star)
Episode 16 (In Which The Crew Explores Unsavory Things In Differing Ways)
Episode 17 (In Which The Gang Journeys To Torn Station)
Episode 18 (In Which Cantinas Are Great Places To Make New Friends!)
Episode 19 (In Which Mysterious And Wealthy Women Are Very Distracting)
Episode 20 (In Which The Gang Gets Back To The Task At Hand)
Episode 21 (In Which It’s The Little Things That Get You)
Episode 22 (In Which Geezers And Droids Are Troublesome)
and Nimble’s Escape Pod Adventures (between Episodes 22 & 23)
Episode 23 (In Which The Gang Initiates Operation: Destroy Imperial Landing Site, Part 1)
Episode 24 (In Which Speed Bumps Don’t Prevent Part 2 Of The Operation)