The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 11

In Which The Gang Goes Off To See A Hutt.

HuttsThis session began with wrap-up at the Pirate base and the hyperspace journey to Kwenn Station.

During the trip, Dekar tries to reason with Adenn, who is overseeing his torture at the metal hands of 4-7X2-1B.

“I always keep a couple of lines out for information, and I know you’re shipping for Progg the Hutt. You guys have put yourselves in an… untenable position by accepting work from Progg. He doesn’t want the goods you’re shipping for him – he wants YOU. But if you don’t deliver the goods, you’ll have bounties on your heads so large you won’t be able to go near a civilized planet. I’m sorry you all stumbled into my net; it was bad judgment to try to take you all on. I see that now…

“There’s only one way out of this predicament for you, though, and I know the course. I can get you out, and into Progg’s good graces, if you do what I say. But you’ll have to take me with you to Kwenn. That Hutt is very sly, and he’s a dangerous, dangerous enemy to have. He makes quite an ally, though, I have to say. But there are all sorts of things below the surface with him. You’re deluding yourself if you think you have enough knowledge to make yourselves good with him. There’s more information up here than you could ever torture or drug out of me, including why Progg wants you, and you’ll need the benefit of all of it, not scattered bits and pieces, to survive this.”

Upon reaching Kwenn station, the crew of the Mandalore’s Pride noticed a lot of Imperial activity in the system. Six IPV-1 System Patrol Craft and a Carrack-Class cruiser were guarding the system and stopping all inbound and outbound traffic.

One of the System Patrol Craft sent a message to the Mandalore’s Pride. “Wayfarer transport, identify yourself and stand down to be boarded.”

Once the Imperial craft docks with the Pride, four Imperial Customs Officials board, along with two Navy Troopers and four stormtroopers, all led by Officer Gerdov Qemkin.

As his officials search the ship, they come across a hold full of aliens and a human prisoner locked up in the brig with a screaming decapitated animal-head. Qemkin, suspecting that these could be the Rebels he and the other Imperials have been searching for. He prepares to arrest the entire crew and impound the ship, but some quick talking from Dr. Samosas convinces the Imperial Officer that he should just take the aliens into custody pending determination of their status as rebels.

Unfortunately, that includes Feigren. Qemkin also is curious about Dekar Paurego, who is locked in a holding cell with his former medical experiment, the screaming Sith head. Dr. Samosas claims that Dekar is very ill and was locked up for his own safety. Qemkin considers arresting Dr. Samosas for unlawful imprisonment or kidnapping, but eventually lets her go and takes Paurego back to the Imperial Medical Facility on Kwenn Station. He also confiscates Carn’s disk of Imperial Shuttle schematics and Feigren’s purple-and-blue painting.

The Mandalore’s Pride is given permission to lands at docking bay G33 on Kwenn Station. Adenn calls the comlink frequency listed on the datapad that came with the shipment of barrels. Shortly a voice comes back: “Exit the docking bay and make a left. Proceed fifty meters and take the seventh right. Follow the main corridor until you reach a turbolift lobby. Take any of the turbolifts up to level 57. Then exit the turbolift and make an immediate right. Follow the main corridor for ten meters. Make the first right and continue for another fifteen meters. There will be an empty cargo bay, door unlocked. Bring the barrels.”

Their contact, a Gran named Greegkor, is waiting with a hoversled. Greegkor is practically salivating at the sight of the barrels. “You’re LATE. We’re real thirsty here,” he drawls in Basic. He confirms delivery on the datapad and huffs off with the shipment. “Hope you didn’t have any trouble.”

At this point the gang heads to see if they can get Feigren off the hook. Eventually she is released, as they find no evidence of any Rebel ties, and her story that the stolen Eriaduan painting was not hers, but recovered from pirates and that she was simply on her way to turn it in to the authorities on Kwenn station was corroborated by Dr. Samosas and seems to check out.

But by the time they return to the ship, the docking bay is blocked by a couple of Herglics, a Quarren, a Weequay, three Nikto, and a Geran, his blue face hidden by his atmosphere-helmet. All carry blasters set to stun. The Quarren speaks up in watery-sounding Basic. “Progg wisshes to ssee you now.” The party is escorted back to the turbolifts, and are split into various turbolifts with bodyguards, but they rejoin company when the turbolifts stop at level 53 and the party are escorted around a corner to a guarded entryway. They are escorted through by their guards and pass through lounges filled with various beings engaged in sabacc and other games of chance, drinking at bars, and a small music-hall where a band is playing. Past this, they arrive in an anteroom where the guards leave them for about five minutes.

Then they are escorted in to see Progg, who is conversing in Huttese with a purple-hued Hutt and a Hutt wearing full-encasing armor fashioned from overlapping jointed durasteel plates. Progg himself is a large grayish-brown hutt with an eyepatch over his left eye and numerous scars running across his head and neck. Several patches of the Hutt’s wrinkled, slimy skin on his right arm and the left side of his head have been replaced with relatively smooth synthskin.

Progg notices the newcomers, and turns towards them, pausing his conversation as he waits to be addressed.

Everyone remains silent, so Progg’s Quarren majordomo, speaks up. “Chuba kom ateema soreek o grandio lust Progg du Hutt.” (You may now address our glorious host, his honor, Progg the Hutt.)

No one speaks up still, and Femmisk shouts: “Ap-xmasi stupa! H’chu apenkee doe grancha Hutt, mo Progga rodda u!” (Do not be fools! Greet the great Hutt or he will have you destroyed!)

Feigren speaks up and greets the Hutt in a smooth tone: “We’re very sorry, Progg. We were simply overwhelmed by your majesty.”

Progg: Lude koose tah Kwenn Station, bata konchee payokee reedug? (You brought the cargo to Kwenn Station, but where is the reedug?)

Feigren: Reedug? We brought the water barrels to you as you requested.

“Keel-ee calleya ku kah.” (You disappoint me.)

“There was nothing spoken about any reedug, and nothing about it on the datapad manifest. We simply want our pay for hauling the cargo to Kwenn station.”

“Noah niboba vesk, see ka tinka no payokee, no creeda.” (“We had no written contract. So… no narcotics, no pay, I think.”)

“But, Great Progg, we have operating expenses! We cannot continue to fly without fuel and repairs…”

“Jee jeeska forun. Bata chuba tre cheeska jee. Goola poonoo zorze. (I keep my oaths. But you try to cheat me. Act in bad faith.)

Eventually, Dr. Samosas allows that she removed “contaminants” from the water for Progg’s safety. She still has the “contaminants” in an undetectable form which can be converted back. Although somewhat annoyed at this duplicity, Progg sees the value to Dr. Samosas’ clever conversion. Feigren helps soothe things, and Dr. Samosas and Progg work out a deal to help reduce the debt on Mandalore’s Pride at an accelerated rate. The basics are covered in the next post.

The gang also decided to search for information on their new task at a swanky bar, while Feigren invited Femmisk Tor to an evening get-together to discuss business arrangements and strengthen ties.



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