The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 12

In Which The Gang Switches Some Boxes With Some Other Boxes.

Kwenn Station Cargo BayThis session began with the crew of the Mandalore’s Pride debating how best to carry out the task given to them by Progg the Hutt: switch thirty of Progg’s cargo containers with thirty identical Imperial cargo containers containing foodstuffs and trade goods.

Progg wants the Empire to ship his cargo to Bimmisaari for him, since switching out the cargo after it’s been scanned at its departure point and before it’s scanned at its destination point is the safest way to ensure the cargo arrives safely without being searched by customs officials.

While Dr. Samosas and crew will still have to ship the Imperial Cargo to Bimmisaari so it can be switched out with Progg’s cargo again, Progg ensures that it will be much easier to slip the Imperial trade goods past customs than what he’s actually shipping.

While Progg had recommended sneaking into the Imperial Security Station to reprogram the Imperial Binary load-lifters that were to be used to load the Imperial cargo, the crew of the Mandalore’s Pride eventually decided instead to pose as maintenance workers in the shared-use Imperial/public cargo bay where the freight was to be loaded.

While Feigren forged some Kwenn Station Authority maintenance request documents, Progg’s majordomo Femmisk Tor, upon request, set to work procuring Kwenn Station Authority uniforms for Feigren, Adenn and Carn.

Meanwhile, Carn worked Kwenn Station Authority IDs and a program that, once inserted into the load-lifters’ data interface port, would switch the ident-numbers of the two sets of cargo containers in the load-lifters’ memory banks upon a signal from his comlink. Unfortunately, his first go at the program resulted in his datapad spontaneously combusting; his second try, using Feigren’s datapad, was considerably more successful.

Dr. Samosas took some time to create a chemical powder that, when introduced into the bloodstream via being inhaled, bound to receptors in the brain and stopped new neural connections from being made, resulting in a stupor-like state. She also created an antidote chemical to treat the operations team with beforehand. Requiring a diversion, she also obtained 12 Gizka and a very shoddy container from “dear old ‘uncle JubJub,’” who apparently was her fry-cook father’s former business partner, and who had opened a restaurant on Kwenn Station.

Dr. Samosas sat back to back with Carn on a small cargo crate on the cargo bay’s “west” side, sipping a cup of Sapir tea. 4-7X2-1B stood beside her, adjusting the flims-board container on the rented hoversled. “I am ready, mistress. However, I am confident that if we simply drugged and abducted the Imperial guards, we could torture them into submission and brainwash them into our service.”

Dr. Samosas looked up from her tea. “I still think it would have been much more feasible to engineer those robotic Gizka I was discussing earlier. We could use them to hypnotize the guards…”

Feigren leaned around a nearby cargo container. “Those are…ah…very good plans, but the fact is we simply don’t have enough time to execute them. We have a very narrow window to operate in before those crates get loaded onto the Imperial Cargo Ferry, and it’s go time!”

Carn tapped a few strokes on his keypad, then added a final strike with a significant flourish.
“That’s done it. The cameras are on a ten-minute loop. We are ready.”

Feigren strode off in the direction of the Imperial guards. “Thanks, Krinn.”

From Feigren’s datapad, sitting in Carn’s lap, came the sound of a mashing keyboard.

Adenn hurried after Feigren, trying to play the part of the muscley mechanic. Feigren walked right up to the Imperials and thrust out her clipboard. Sorry, boys. You’ll have to move this cargo. There’s panels right under there we need to access. Here’s all the paperwork. You can move it to slot 16, right over there.

The soft-faced



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