The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 2

In Which The Gang Gets Waylaid By Pirates.

The second session began with the discovery of reedug narcotic dissolved in the water barrels the group had been hired to transport to Progg’s cronies on Kwenn Station. Content Not Found: kyle-samosas and 4-7X2-1B came up with a way to extract the narcotic, render it chemically inert, and eventually re-constitute the drug for resale.

Silk 1
Modular Conveyor nobg
Silk 2
However, just a few hours into the hyperspace journey, the crew found the Mandalore’s Pride pulled back into realspace, with several ships heading towards them:

As soon as the ships entered weapons range, they opened fire with ion cannons. Apparently one of the ships was somehow projecting a mass gravity shadow, preventing any of them from entering hyperspace. Arr 1-2
Arr 3-4
Arr 5-6
Tee 1-2Ri’lek, the pilot, took immediate action and fled, but then decided to try to turn around and charge head-on. This proved unwise, and the Mandalore’s Pride was disabled and boarded. A few of the crew made a last stand on the bridge, but were shortly stunned.

Carn, Dr. Samosas, Adenn, and Ri’lek found themselves in a small prison cell upon awakening.

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