The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 3

In Which The Gang Meets Dekar.

Adenn, Kyle, Ri’lek, and Carn woke up to find themselves in a prison cell. It was about 5 meters square with one very sturdy looking door that had no apparent control on the inside. There was a single fluorescent strip light in the ceiling and, either the cell was sound proof or the facility outside was very quiet…

After about half an hour, the cell door shot open with a whoosh, and in the doorway stood the jailor. He was human and carried two buckets of some sort of mushy substance. He also had a blaster rifle and a shock baton on his belt. He stepped inside and plonked one bucket on the ground. “Enjoy your meal, it’ll probably be your last for a while,” he sneered.

Adenn took action and tackled the guard, incapacitating him. Adenn found a keycard on the guard’s belt.

(Were there two other guards as well?)

“Hey, what’s going on out there?” Adenn heard a voice shout. It appeared to be coming from the other cell, across the way. Adenn peered inside, and saw a man wearing a gray jumpsuit. He was of about average height, in his late twenties or early thirties, with brown hair and eyes. Adenn decided to let him out, using the keycard from the jailor.

“What was all that racket about?” asked the man. “Hey, you aren’t pirates, what’s going on?” Then he saw SL… “You! What are you doing here?” The man is Dekar Paurego, a classmate and rival of Dr. Samosas’s from the academy!

Dekar explains that he was captured when the pirates pulled his personal vessel out of hyperspace. “Small world, I guess…” “I woke up shortly after we landed, though I pretended to be asleep; I got to see some of the pirate base before they dragged me here and locked me up.”

He also questioned SL a bit about her recent research.

last event: breaking out of pirate cell, discovering Dekar, and wandering down the start of the first corridor.



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