The Mad Scientist Chronicles

Episode 4

In Which Dr. Samosa Hits A Pirate With The Leg Of An R2 Unit.

Dr. Samosas went exploring more, found the bathroom, and a utility closet, where she obtained an R2 leg. The rest of the party fought some pirates in lounge. 4-7X2-1B, who was left behind on the Mandalore’s Pride, managed to activate and left the ship to search for the rest of the crew. He encountered a pirate (or more) and attempted to sedate. Was shot (or otherwise disabled) by a pirate, who began to drag him towards the turbolift to take him downstairs. Dr. Samosas took the northern turbolift up to level 1 (hangar), found a pirate dragging 4-7X, and knocked him out with the R2 leg. Dr. Samosas went back downstairs. The rest of the party had killed the pirates they were fighting and managed to secure a terminal (in medical bay or armory?). By combining chemicals with fire extinguishing foam, managed to gas some pirates coming up from the lower levels in the southern turbolift.



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